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Common Problems

Here you'll find guidance on the top ways to solve common problems our customers experience.

Cancellations & Refunds

Has your transfer been cancelled? Learn why. Need to cancel a transfer? Learn how you can do it yourself and how refunds and recalls work at WorldRemit.

Where's my money?

Wondering where your money is? Find instructions on how to track the progress of your WorldRemit transfers via the website and app.

Send money to over 130 countries with WorldRemit

Need to send money abroad? Find information on which WorldRemit services you can use and where you can send money to using our website and app.

Getting started with WorldRemit

Discover the basics of sending money through the WorldRemit website and app. You will also find information on payout and payment methods.

How to stay safe online - our security guide

Read our guide to staying safe and secure online

Refer a friend

Love our service? Refer a friend and you could both earn rewards with our referral programme. Find out how it works.

My Account

Learn how to manage your account. Find out how to change your password, PIN and other useful information.

Money Not Received

Find information on why your transfer may be taking longer than you expected including common things that may have happened and how to resolve them.


Find out how you can pay for your transfer. This includes card payments, bank transfers and other commonly used payment methods.


Having an issue with the app or website? Find information on how to troubleshoot common issues like enabling cookies or which browsers work best.

Identity Verification

Information on why WorldRemit has to verify your identity and the ways in which we do that with your help

A fast and secure way to send money on the go

Download our app for free to send money online in minutes to over 130 other countries. Track your payments and view your transfer history from anywhere.