Need to change something?

If you need to change something about a transfer, you might be able to make the change yourself. Read our How to change recipient or transfer details guide to see how. 

If you’re unable to make the changes, here are a few reasons why:

What can you do if you can’t change the transaction yourself?

We have a number of different ways we can help.

  • Chat with us 
  • Our agents are available 24/7 through chat
  • In the app
  • Tap or Select the Account button to find Help and Support
  • Select Chat with us to speak to an agent
  • Or use the email us option to find the I would like to update my transaction feature. Make sure the right transfer shows on the screen and let us know the details that need to be changed

You can only change certain things

If the transfer has the right status, then you’ll only be able to make some kinds of changes. Here’s what you can change:

  • Your recipient’s name
  • Your recipient’s phone number
  • Your recipient’s bank details (when possible)
  • Your recipient’s mobile money details (when possible)

Once you've created a transfer, it isn't possible to change how the recipient gets it. For example, if you chose a bank deposit but want a cash pickup now, we can't make that change. You'll need to change the recipient or cancel the transfer.

Your transfer needs to have the right status

  • We may allow you to make changes if you’ve just created your transfer. Or we’re still processing your payment.
  • If your transfer is being processed by one of our local partners then we’re unlikely to be able to make any changes.
  • If your transfer is no longer in progress, we are unable to make any changes.

Check the status of your transfer first. You’ll need to log in on the website or app. You'll find your transfer in “my transactions” on the website or in the “activity” section on the app.