Transfer processing

Learn how to solve common problems when it comes to processing your transfer.

My money is taking longer to process than I expected

You will have received an email from WorldRemit Support stating “your transaction is on its way”. Within the email it says how long it will take.Have you been waiting less than this amount of time?


  • Please wait until after the time specified within the email has elapsed, to allow time for your transfer to be processed.


If your transfer is taking longer than you expect, it could be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. We may have asked you to provide additional information or documentation. You can check this by seeing if you have an email from us, or by checking your transfer status
  2. There may be an issue that we’re working to resolve. If this is true, we’ll keep you informed by email and SMS. You can wait for this to be resolved, or request cancellation through the website and / or app.

Visit our live updates page to learn more about current issues that may be affecting the processing time of your transfer.

My transfer has been placed on hold / I’ve been asked to provide additional information

Your transfer will have been placed on hold for one of the following reasons:

1. We’re awaiting documents from you

You will have received an email from us detailing what we need you to provide.

  • Please upload your documents here.
  • Please note that if we have asked for ID, it must be;
    • Government issued documents only
    • In date (not expired)
    • Clear and readable

Once provided, please be patient as our team quickly reviews the documents. They will confirm any next steps via email.

2. We’re awaiting further information from you

  • You will have received an email asking for the required information. Please respond with your answers and it will be picked up by our team - no need to do anything further.

3. Some transfers are held for security checks to ensure your money is kept safe. 

  • These transfers are usually released within an hour of being sent, so check your emails / SMS for updates.Your transfer status will be updated when this is resolved.