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Send money to Kenya using our secure online transfer options and help to support your family and friends.

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We're fast

90% of our mobile money transfers to Kenya are paid in less than 10 minutes - and we sent almost 2 million transfers to Kenya in 2018!

How fast?
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We're reliable

We’re the only online money transfer provider that gives you 4 different ways to send money to Kenya: bank transfer, airtime top up, mobile money and cash pickup. We have 15k cash pick up locations in Kenya and we send to all major Kenyan banks!

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We're secure

Transfer money to Kenya safely and securely using any device. Whatever transfer type you choose, we use industry-leading technology that will keep it secure every step of the way.

How we're secure

A wide choice of ways to send money online

So, what’s the best way to send money to Kenya? Read more about each transfer type by clicking on the links below.

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Easy and quick!
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How to send money to Kenya

You can transfer money to Kenya quickly and securely using any device.

How do you want to send?

There are 4 ways you can send money to Kenya with low fees and guaranteed exchange rates for each.

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Who are you sending to?

Make a transfer to someone you’ve sent money to before or add the details of a new recipient in minutes.

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How are you paying?

We offer a range of payment methods so you can find the simplest and most convenient option for you.

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Making money transfers easy

Making money transfers easy

Not sure how to send money to Kenya? At WorldRemit, we’ve worked hard to simplify the process as much as possible. It takes just a couple of minutes to make a secure money transfer to family and friends in Kenya and we will send you and your recipient SMS and email notifications as soon as the transfer is complete.

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