Money Not Received

Different types of transfers may vary in processing times.

You can check a few things if your transfer is taking longer than you expected:

Incorrect recipient details

Double-check your recipient’s details before completing your transfer – you may not be able to update them later.  

If your transfer is not processed because some of the details are wrong, we usually contact you to inform you as soon as possible. Please check your emails regularly. 

To update your transfer details yourself, check your transfer status:

  • In the ‘Transfers in progress’ section at the top of any WorldRemit web page (or ‘Activity’ page on the app), select a transfer to view its status
  • ‘Need to change something?’ will appear if you are able to make changes without contacting us

If this option does not appear, contact customer service.

My transfer is ‘processing’

How long a transfer takes depends on the:

We will contact you by email if there is any unexpected delay to your transfer. To get live updates on our services, search for the country you have sent money on the WorldRemit homepage.

If you have sent to a WorldRemit Wallet, your recipient must create and verify their Wallet before your transfer can be completed. Find out more about WorldRemit Wallet.

No confirmation received

Log in to the ‘My transfers’ section of your account to check the status of your transfer. You might also check your contact details to make sure you receive future notifications.

For help with how your recipient is going to collect or receive the money, check the country and services options.