What is Mobile Money?

Mobile money is an electronic wallet service. This is available in many countries and allows users to store, send and receive money using their mobile phone.

The safe and easy electronic payments make Mobile money a popular alternative to bank accounts. It can be used on both smartphones and basic feature phones.

How to use Mobile Money for international money transfers?

Here’s how to use Mobile Money payment when paying for a WorldRemit money transfer:

  • choose Mobile Money as your payment method when you come to pay
  • you'll be taken to a secured page powered by our technical partner Tingg, where you can choose which Mobile Money service provider (MNO) you can use to pay for your transfer
  • confirm your Mobile Money number and amount to pay
  • you will automatically receive an SMS or a push notification instructing you to enter your PIN on your mobile phone 
  • If you do not receive the notification, please contact your Mobile Money service provider (MNO)

We’ll get a confirmation telling us that your payment is complete.

Are Mobile Money payments safe?

Yes. Mobile Money providers place a lot of importance on the security of their systems, sensitive information encryption. They undertake regular security reviews to ensure that we meet all modern security standards.

How long does a Mobile Money payment take?

When paying for your money transfer with Mobile Money, it usually goes through instantly or can take up to 60 seconds. 

Can I pay by Mobile Money in my country?

You can pay for your WorldRemit money transfer using Mobile Money from the countries below. Simply click on them to see what the maximum amounts you can send are.

What should I do if my Mobile Money payment is declined?

We won’t know why your Mobile Money payment is declined. We wouldn’t have access to that information. And so the best thing to do is contact your Mobile Money provider. They should be able to give you more information. Once the issue is resolved by your Mobile Money provider (MNO), go back to WorldRemit to finalise your transfer.

Will I be charged for paying with Mobile Money?

There are never any hidden or extra fees when using WorldRemit. The total you need to pay is outlined when you create a transaction. Mobile Money operators may charge you to make payments. If this is the case, the charge will vary depending upon the Mobile Money provider, and is not charged by WorldRemit.

Can I pay using someone else’s Mobile Money account?

No. The money you send as a transfer must come from your own Mobile Money account. That’s because as a financially regulated company, we need to ensure that we know the identity of our customers – and this includes the source of the funds they pay with. We will only use the mobile number provided in your registration form. If you want to modify it, go to My Account and edit the details under the My Details tab. You could do this yourself or contact WorldRemit to make the change.

How long does a Mobile Money refund take?

If you decide to cancel a money transfer made with a Mobile Money payment, you can expect your refund to be credited within 2 - 3 working days, up to 7 working days. The funds will be directly credited back to your account.

How will I be notified that my Mobile Money payment is successful?

You will receive a text message from your Mobile Money provider informing you that that money has been taken out of their account. We will also confirm to you that your payment is successful.