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WorldRemit review on Trustpilot    

Easy reliable & efficient.  

A very quick reliable & safe way to transfer funds overseas.No fuss & always keeping customer updated.

WorldRemit review submitted 25 January 2016

Wheng Nickols  

WorldRemit review on Trustpilot    

The best apps for sending!  

I never had problem using this and once I send the money...only few minutes and my family can get it!

WorldRemit review submitted 23 January 2016

Adelle Jazz  

WorldRemit review on Trustpilot    

Easy way to send money . Trusted  

I've send many times , after sending the reference immediately show on the transaction as well as SMS to my recipient , also send a detailed email with reference, after my recipient recieve the money they send SMS to my mobile & email me about the completed transaction . I am happy & I recommend it's fast & easy!😄

WorldRemit review submitted 23 January 2016

Knud Fink-Jensen  

WorldRemit review on Trustpilot    

safe and secure  

I'm sending funds across for the construction of a house in Colombia. I've been transferring money to Colombia for years. WorldRemit is the only service I'll use now. It is simply the cheapest, most reliable and secure service out there.

Well done!

WorldRemit review submitted 22 January 2016


WorldRemit review on Trustpilot    

Better than the rest  

WU are expensive and problematic, Jalandoni are slow and expensive whereas world remit are next to instant, have a choice of pick up points and reasonably priced

WorldRemit review submitted 22 January 2016


WorldRemit review on Trustpilot    

Very excellent Service  

World remit has enabled us to send money at a record speed back to our loved ones. My mother just calls me and in an instant, she has received money straight to her phone. This is superb.I even got information that world remit has started collaboration with MTN mobile service in Uganda which is going to even improve the services.Kudos World remit.

WorldRemit review submitted 21 January 2016

Kim O'Neill  

WorldRemit review on Trustpilot    

Fantastic service, transferring money so easy.  

I have used WorldRemit many times to send money home overseas. This company is efficient, helpful and make the entire process sooooo easy. Transactions are done within 24 hours usually and the services is much cheaper than the banks or any other company. If you want to send money anywhere USE WorldRemit!!!! You won't be sorry. Cheers

WorldRemit review submitted 21 January 2016


WorldRemit review on Trustpilot    

Excellent service A+++++++++++++++++

Excellent service what else I can expect

Used several times, great service every time

* Low fee

* Fastest transfer ever

* Wow customer service

* Trust worthy

* Great and fast communication

WorldRemit review submitted 20 January 2016


WorldRemit review on Trustpilot    

Very good

Its been like a month since I started using world remit and i am really happy.. Its very convenient to used and they are also quick in sending you updates about the money that you sent abroad. Their online service is really good, less hassle plus the fee is not that expensive compared to other company.

WorldRemit review submitted 20 January 2016


WorldRemit review on Trustpilot    

Convenient, affordable!

Used this service several times. Sending money abroad has never been so easy. Made my niece and nephews happy as I can send birthday money, pocket money fast and affordable.

WorldRemit review submitted 20 January 2016

Mark H  

WorldRemit review on Trustpilot    

Most Cost-effective bank transfers

Certainly a very efficient and cost-effective solution for anybody who needs to transfer money abroad. The lowest transfer charges on the market!!!

WorldRemit review submitted 19 January 2016

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