What do we mean when we say your transfer is 'Paid'?

When WorldRemit say a transfer is ‘paid’ this means your transfer has been sent to the local partner in the country you sent money to.

Once the local partner has received the transfer, they will then pass this on to your recipient. In some instances, while this is taking place WorldRemit are unable to see exactly where the funds are. This is why in some cases WorldRemit say that the transfer is paid even though the funds may not yet be available to your recipient.

You can read a more in-depth description of our transfer process below.

Detailed Explanation

At WorldRemit, we rely on our great local partners to take your payment after we have processed it, and to deliver it to your recipient.

In most cases, your recipient will receive their money within, or before, the time given in our estimate when you create the transfer.

However, it’s not always as simple as A to B and our local partners may have various steps to process the payment to your recipient. Each step can vary in time depending on the country’s banking network (e.g. how fast it is to move money) and the local partner's own processes (e.g. verifying the payment to your recipient).

How do you know if paid means it’s available to your recipient?

Our team at WorldRemit is constantly monitoring and speaking with our local partners. If we see you’ve used one of our local partners where we can’t be exactly sure your recipient has received the money, we’ll send you a message via email to tell you that although it’s with the local partner, the payment is still processing and to give it a little bit of time.

What about improving this?

We’re constantly looking to improve the WorldRemit experience. The teams are working on new and exciting features to ensure that you have more visibility on the status of your transfer.