What is POLi payment?

POLi payment is an online payment service in Australia and New Zealand that allows you to make a secure payment from your internet banking portal directly to a business such as WorldRemit. You don’t have to register, so no information is stored that can be used to access your bank account. It’s free to use when paying for a WorldRemit transfer, and is great for sending large amounts. POLi Payments is a business of Australia Post.


How to use POLi payment for international money transfers?

Here’s how to use POLi payment when paying for a WorldRemit money transfer:

  • choose POLi as your payment method when you come to pay
  • you'll be taken to the POLi payment website, where you can choose your bank
  • securely log in to your bank, using your online banking credentials
  • complete the payment directly from your online banking.

We’ll get a confirmation telling us that your payment is complete.

Are POLi payments safe?

Yes. POLi places a lot of importance on the security of its software. They never capture sensitive information, such as user names or passwords. They undertake regular security reviews to ensure that we meet all modern security standards.

How long does Poli transfer take?

When paying for your money transfer with a POLi payment – it usually goes through instantly or can take up to 60 seconds. If you’re sending over $1,000, it may take a little longer for the money to reach us, but we check regularly to make sure your transaction can be released as soon as possible.

Can I pay by POLi in my country?

You can pay for your WorldRemit money transfer using POLi from the countries below. Simply click on them to see what the maximum amounts you can send are.

What should I do if my POLi payment is declined?

We won’t know why your POLi payment is declined. We wouldn’t have access to that information. And so the best thing to do is contact your bank’s payments or authorisation department. They should be able to give you more information.

Will I be charged for paying with POLi?

There are never any hidden or extra fees when using WorldRemit. The total you need to pay is outlined when you create a transaction. Plus, POLi never charges people to pay with POLi and they strongly encourage merchants not to charge. They aim to make paying with POLi free.

The only exception would be if your bank usually charges you to make POLi payments. If this is the case, the charge will vary dependent upon the bank, and is not charged by WorldRemit.

Can I pay using someone else’s Poli account?

No. The money you send as a transfer must come from your own POLi account. That’s because as a financially regulated company, we need to ensure that we know the identity of our customers – and this includes the source of the funds they pay with.

How long does a Poli refund take?

If you decide to cancel a money transfer made with a POLI payment, you can expect your refund to be credited within 2 - 4 working days. However, it may vary depending on your bank. So it’s well worth checking with your bank exactly how long it will take.

Enjoy a fee-free money transfer

To get you started with sending money with WorldRemit, there’ll be no fees to pay on your first money transfer. The total you need to pay and the exchange rate are clearly outlined when you create a transaction.

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