WorldRemit is an online service that allows you to send money abroad from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

WorldRemit offers greater convenience than traditional money transfer services that often require their customers to travel to a high-street agent.  These older, more traditional services also tend to charge higher fees.

For more information on using WorldRemit's services, please see below:

What is a remittance?

“Remittance” is another word for a money transfer. 

These are usually sent between family and friends in different countries for personal use. Reasons can include paying household bills, healthcare, education, and general living costs. Sometimes people send money to themselves if they have a mobile phone or bank account overseas.

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What services do WorldRemit offer?

WorldRemit offers:

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How can I pay for my transfer?

You can choose any of the following ways to pay:

Card (debit, credit and prepaid)
Bank Transfer
Apple Pay

The payment options for your transfer depend on your send country. For more information on this, see the Paying for my transfer page.

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Where can I send money to?

WorldRemit offers money transfers to more than 140 countries.

The available services (e.g. bank deposit or cash pickup) vary depending on the country you are registered in (your send from country) and the country you are sending to (your destination country).

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Where can I send money from?

WorldRemit is available to senders in 50 countries. Please see the send from pages to see the complete list.
You must set your send from country based on where you live at the time of creating the account. If you need to change your country, please contact us here.
The available payout options (e.g. bank deposit or cash pickup) vary depending on the country you are registered in (Your send from country), and the country you are sending to (Your destination).

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How much can I send?

The maximum amount of money you can send depends upon where you live. This is because different countries have different rules relating to money transfers.

This can also vary depending on how you pay for the transfer.

Please find your country in the send from and destination pages for more details.

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How long will it take for the money to arrive?

In most cases, transfers sent using WorldRemit arrive within minutes.

The expected delivery time will be displayed to you before you make a payment. WorldRemit aims to complete transfers within the timeframes given, however some transfers can take longer depending on how the money is being received.

Your transfer will not start until WorldRemit has received authorisation from your payment provider. Timeframes may be also extended due to sender and/or recipient verification checks, third party operating hours, or incorrect information being received.  

Broadly, the following timings apply for the money to be available to the recipient:

Transfer Type 

Typical Availability

 Bank Transfer

  • Transfers within minutes are available to selected banks
  • Other timings can vary depending on;
    • The bank
    • Day of the week
    • Transaction creation time 

Cash Pickup 

  • Available to collect instantly

 Mobile Money

  • Within minutes

Airtime top-up 

  • Within minutes

Home delivery

  • 24 hours – 7 days depending on location

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Why do you need a mobile phone number and email address for my recipient?

You must provide a mobile phone number for the recipient, however the email address is optional.

We use the recipient’s mobile number and email address to send them notifications about the progress of their transfer.

Both senders and recipients will be notified when the transfer is sent and again when it is received.

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Why do I need to supply identification?

It is important that we are able to keep the WorldRemit service safe. By asking for official identification, we are able to verify that people sending money are who they say they are. We may also require you to send us documents to verify your recipient's ID.

We are required by law to carry out these checks. For more information see our Verification pages.

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