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The low-cost, fast and simple way to transfer money to Zimbabwe and help support your family and friends.

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We’re fast

More than 50% of our bank transfers to Zimbabwe arrive in the recipient’s account in less than 10 minutes and over 50% of our cash pickups are ready to collect within 1 working day.

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We’re secure

Send money to Zimbabwe with WorldRemit and our industry-leading technology secures your money, your personal details and your peace of mind, whatever transfer type you choose.

Double your Econet Airtime top up

We’re making it even easier to stay in touch with family and friends in Zimbabwe, so any international airtime recharges sent to Econet Wireless Zimbabwe via WorldRemit will now come with a 100% bonus, with no extra cost to you.

From the 3rd June 2020, Econet will double the value of your airtime top up, every time you send an international airtime recharge to Econet Wireless Zimbabwe via WorldRemit.

For instance: 2 US $ buys 50 ZWL Principal Airtime Recharge + 50 ZWL / RTGS Free Bonus Airtime Recharge = Total Amount Received 100 ZWL / RTGS.

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Terms and conditions apply.

  1. Promotion runs from 3rd June 2020 until further notice.

  2. Bonus will be rewarded for all denominations recharged.

  3. Bonus applies to any number of recharges received.

  4. The normal and usual validity periods apply.

  5. The airtime will be credited into the main airtime account. 

Send money by...

We offer you a choice of ways to send to Zimbabwe. Pick the service that’s most convenient to your recipient.

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How to send your money

We make it easy to transfer money to Zimbabwe using any device.

How do you want to send?

You can send money to Zimbabwe using our cash pickup, airtime topup or bank transfer service.

Get started FAQs

Who are you sending to?

Add the details of a new recipient or choose from a list of people you’ve sent money to before.

Verifying your ID

How are you paying?

Choose how you want to pay from a wide range of options and complete your money transfer to Zimbabwe online.

Paying for your transfer
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How long does it take to send money to Zimbabwe via WorldRemit?

At WorldRemit, your money can be in the pockets of your recipient within minutes of the transfer being made. Simply choose one of the transfer methods below for a fast and reliable way to send money to Zimbabwe.

  • Bank Transfer – Transfer money to any bank in Zimbabwe. The recipient can withdraw as cash or use it to make payments. The funds will usually be credited within one working day at Steward Bank or within 3 working days at all other Zimbabwean banks.

  • Mobile Money – Transfer money to your recipient’s EcoCash mobile money account and the funds will be available instantly.

How do I send money to EcoCash accounts?

Sending money to an EcoCash account in Zimbabwe is simple, quick and secure. All you need is your recipient’s first name (as registered on their EcoCash account to avoid delays), their address, their EcoCash account number and the sending reason. You should also check that your recipient’s EcoCash account is fully registered and active and that all their details are correct.  

What currencies can you send to Zimbabwe?

The only currency you can send to Zimbabwe is the US dollar (USD). However, if you choose the mobile money transfer method, your recipient will have the option to convert USD to the Fourth Zimbabwe dollar (ZWL) in their EcoCash wallet. To do that, they will need to dial *150# and select the ‘Bureau de Change’ option from the menu.

What’s the maximum limit for money transfers to Zimbabwe?

  • Bank Transfer – The transfer limit will depend on the country you send the money from and your chosen payment method. You’ll be told if your intended transfer exceeds the limit when you enter it into our calculator.

  • Mobile Money – USD 2,000 per transfer. Your recipient’s EcoCash wallet can only have a maximum balance of USD 2,000 at any given time.

We know that your money matters

We know that your money matters

Whether you’re transferring money to Zimbabwe to support family and friends or pay clients and suppliers, it’s essential your money arrives safely, securely and on time. Whatever the reason for the transfer, we get it right first time, every time, and send you and your recipient SMS and email notifications to let you know when the transfer is complete.

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