WorldRemit Pricing Comparison

We pride ourselves on offering you a fast, simple and secure way to send your money abroad, but we know that you'll also appreciate keeping your costs as low as possible. We can help you save money.

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We’re 48% cheaper than sending via most banks*

It’s important to us that we’re price competitive. We want you to get the best rates, and to only pay the lowest fees.

Using data from the World Bank, we’ve worked out that our prices are, on average, 48% less than the costs you would incur when sending money transfers from most banks.

The World Bank data can be found here: To carry out a comparison for yourself, please follow the link.

We’re 22% cheaper than our money transfer competitors*

We’ve used the World Bank’s Q3 data for 2019 to compare our prices against other money transfer operators, because it’s important to us that you’re always getting the best rates.

We’ve found that using WorldRemit will save you 22% on average, when compared to most other money transfer operators.

To compare the data for yourself, please go to where you can see the full Q3 report, read the methodology, or download the data in MS Excel format.

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*Comparison is based on the average cost to send $200, using data from the World Bank’s Q3 2019 report.