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We offer a fast, secure and easy way for you to transfer money to Fiji.

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We offer flexibility

If you’ve ever wondered what the best way to send money to Fiji is, then we’ve got the answer for you. WorldRemit’s flexible transfer service. Choose from mobile money transfer, cash pickup or airtime top up.

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We’re secure

When it comes to the very best way to transfer money to Fiji, it should be the most secure and convenient way possible. Our industry-leading technology secures your money and your personal details for security and peace of mind.

How we're secure
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We're fast

You can send money to Fiji and your cash will be available to collect instantly from branches of the Xpress Money network at seven locations across Fiji.

How fast?

Send funds by…

Looking to transfer money to Fiji? We offer the following three convenient and easy methods:

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How to send money

It couldn’t be faster or more secure to send money to Fiji. Find out how we manage it below.

How to send it?

With us, you’re able to send money to Fiji using our cash pickup, mobile money transfer or airtime top up services.

Get started FAQs

Who can I send to?

Add a new payee or choose from a list of people you’ve previously sent money to in Fiji.

Verifying your ID

How do I pay?

Pick from a variety of different payment methods.

Paying for your transfer
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Where your money matters

Where your money matters

Whoever you’re sending money to and for whatever reason, we understand just how vital it is to you that the funds arrive quickly and securely. That’s why we strive to make sure that our service is the very best way to send money to Fiji.

Ready to get started?

Send on the go and track your transfer with our app

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