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Mobile Money

Send to a mobile money account

Transfer time 90% of WorldRemit Mobile Money transfers are received in less than 10 minutes.

⚡ Within minutes

Exchange rate

1 USD = 2233.63 TZS2233.62767 TZS

Fees from

0.99 USD

Send to these networks:

Cash Pickup

Send money for cash pickup

Transfer time 95% of WorldRemit cash pickup transfers are available to collect in 3 minutes.

⚡ Within minutes

Exchange rate

1 USD = 2227.89 TZS2227.88569 TZS

Fees from

1.99 USD

Pick up from any branch of:

Bank Transfer

Send directly to a bank

Transfer time 90% of bank transfers with WorldRemit are completed the same day.

Next working day

Exchange rate

1 USD = 1 USD1 USD

Fees from

1.99 USD

Send money to:

Airtime Top up

Send money for airtime top up

Transfer time 90% of WorldRemit airtime transfers are received in less than 10 minutes.

⚡ Within minutes

Fees from

0.00 USD

Send to these networks:

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Proud to partner with Arsenal

Through our shared values and official partnership, WorldRemit and Arsenal bring you closer to your loved ones: whether supporting football or supporting each other, wherever you are in the world.

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We're fast

Next day bank transfers, instant cash pickup and fast mobile money. If you need to quickly send money to Tanzania, we've got you covered.

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We’re flexible

With so many different ways to send, you can choose the process that suits you: transfer via bank transfer, mobile money, airtime or instant cash pickup.

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We’re secure

Verified by the likes of Visa and Mastercard, we have the highest possible security standards. Transfer money to your friends and family in Tanzania with security and peace of mind.

Send money by…

Need to send money to Tanzania? Read more about our various transfer options by clicking on the link below.

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Mobile money transfer

Instant mobile money transfers to Tigo Pesa mobile wallet.

A graphic showing three people stood outside a building holding coins in their hands.

Cash pickup

Need to send cash fast? Instant cash pickup enables you to send money to your friends and family via a number of locations.

A graphic showing a person withdrawing a huge bank note from an ATM.

Bank transfer

Transfer to The People's Bank of Zanzibar and it will be available to collect the next working day.

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Airtime top up

Want to send airtime? Instantly top-up a phone in Tanzania.

125,000 5 star reviews can't be wrong

"It’s a really good app, easy to use and fast. I just love WorldRemit."

Australia Cindy Rojas • 12 days ago

"It has been a stress-free experience. I would highly recommend WorldRemit to anyone. I will continue making use of their service. Their communication is excellent. Thank you!"

South Africa Melanie Groenewald • 14 days ago

"This platform of sending money to any part of the world is easy to use. Last 2 days I sent money to my country with good performance of the platform, my recipient received money within a day. Easy to Use I will recommend to people to use this app."

UK Muhammad Saleem • 17 days ago

"I couldn't have chosen a better company to transfer funds for me. Efficient and very fast. Thank you very much!!"

South Africa Paul Raad • 20 days ago

"For so long my fiancee & I have tried to find a way for us to connect because we live in different countries. You've changed our lives & strengthened our love. You've fixed our frustrations & we couldn't feel happier. We love it! Thanks!"

US Wendy McCall & Meshack Omanifegor • 25 days ago

How to send your money

It’s fast, secure and easy to transfer money to Tanzania online. Follow the links below to find out more about the process.

How do you want to send?

It’s fast, secure and easy to transfer money to Tanzania online. Follow the links below to find out more about the process.

Find out more

Who are you sending to?

Simply enter the details of a new payee or select a payee from a list of people you’ve sent money to in Tanzania before.

Find out more

How are you paying?

Transfer money to Tanzania easily by choosing from our wide range of online money transfer options.

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How does mobile money work?

Enter an amount

Enter how much you would like to send - you’ll see our rates and fees upfront.

Add a recipient

You’ll just need their phone number

You send



They get





Add a recipient

Add a new recipient or choose from a list of those you previously sent to.

Select an amount

There are no fees on our airtime transfers!

Choose Send Amount

Send 10 TZS

10 TZS

15 TZS

Pay and relax

Pay by your chosen method. We’ll notify you and your recipient when your money arrives.

Pay and relax

We’ll send you both an SMS as soon as the airtime's added

Pay now


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Your money, your story

Whatever the reason for your money transfer, we make sure it arrives safely and securely. Our trusted, low cost service ensures that you can easily send money to friends and family in Tanzania in a way that suits you. We’ll let you know when it’s arrived and notify your recipient, too.

Ready to get started?

Time to send

Send on the go and track your transfer with our app

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