Bank Transfer

Send directly to a bank

Transfer time 90% of bank transfers with WorldRemit are completed the same day.

Within 2 working days

Exchange rate

1 USD = 13620.61 IDR13620.61414 IDR

Fees from

3.99 USD

Pick up from any branch of:

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Cash Pickup

Send money for cash pickup

Transfer time 95% of WorldRemit cash pickup transfers are available to collect in 3 minutes.

⚡ Within minutes

Exchange rate

1 USD = 13620.61 IDR13620.61414 IDR

Fees from

3.99 USD

Pick up from any branch of:

Airtime Top up

Send money for airtime top up

Transfer time 90% of WorldRemit airtime transfers are received in less than 10 minutes.

⚡ Within minutes

Fees from

0.00 USD

Send to these networks:

Axis Mobile
Esia Bakrie Telecom
Indosat Mentari
Kartu As
Telkomsel Simpati
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Proud to partner with Arsenal

Through our shared values and official partnership, WorldRemit and Arsenal bring you closer to your loved ones: whether supporting football or supporting each other, wherever you are in the world.

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We're flexible

If you’ve ever wondered what the best way to send money to Indonesia is, wonder no more… the answer is our flexible transfer service. Choose from bank deposit, cash pickup or airtime top up.

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We’re secure

When it comes to the best way to send money to Indonesia, it needs to be the most secure way possible. Our industry-leading technology ensures your money and personal details are safe at all times.

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We're fast

Transfer money to Indonesia almost instantly using our super-fast bank transfer service. The majority of our bank transfers arrive in just minutes.

Send funds by…

Need to transfer money to Indonesia? We offer the following three convenient and easy methods:

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Bank transfer

Make a bank transfer to accounts with all the major banks in Indonesia.

A graphic showing three people stood outside a building holding coins in their hands.

Cash pickup

Have cash sent to any branch of Bank Negara, PT Pos or Bank Rakyat.

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Airtime top up

Send instant mobile phone credit to any of the country’s major mobile phone networks.

125,000 5 star reviews can't be wrong

"I needed to transfer money from the USA to Indonesia. I signed up to WorldRemit on a Sunday night before a Monday holiday. I made the transaction on Sunday night and the money was received in Indonesia before I woke up on Monday morning."

United States Hector S. • 9 months ago

"Excellent service! Money transfer to Indonesia within 2 days. No problem whatsoever."

 Netherlands Jan Willem • 10 months ago

"Great service for transferring funds between countries. I’ve been using WorldRemit for more than a year now, and service keeps improving. I made a transaction at 3am Indonesia time; the money was received by 9am."

United States Mohamad Moechafidin • 16 months ago

"I am truly impressed – a recent remittance to an Indonesian bank account was there and available overnight and previous cash transfers were fast and smooth. All at half the cost (or less) than main competitors and banks."

Australia Darwin Douglas • 18 months ago

"I have been using WorldRemit for a number of years, sending money several times a year to Indonesia. No problems at all."

Australia Kevin Crowley • 20 months ago

How to send money to Indonesia

It couldn’t be faster or simpler to send money to Indonesia. Find out how below...

How to send it?

With WorldRemit, you’re able to send money to Indonesia using our cash pickup, bank transfer or airtime top up services.

Who can I send to?

Add a new payee or choose from a list of people you’ve already sent money to in Indonesia.

How do I pay?

Choose from a wide variety of different payment methods.

Visit our FAQ center

How does bank deposit work?

Enter an amount

Enter how much you would like to send - you’ll see our rates and fees upfront.

Add a recipient

You’ll just need their phone number

You send



They get





Add a recipient

Add a new recipient or choose from a list of those you previously sent to.

Select an amount

There are no fees on our airtime transfers!

Choose Send Amount

Send 10 IDR

10 IDR

15 IDR

Pay and relax

Pay by your chosen method. We’ll notify you and your recipient when your money arrives.

Pay and relax

We’ll send you both an SMS as soon as the airtime's added

Pay now


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Where your money matters

Whoever you’re sending money to and for whatever reason, we understand just how important it is to you that the funds arrive quickly and securely. That’s why we strive to ensure that our service is the very best way to send money to Indonesia .

Ready to get started?

Time to send

Send on the go and track your transfer with our app

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