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Fast, simple and secure. We’re the number one way to transfer money to Vietnam.

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We're secure

The best way to send money to Vietnam is to do so safely and securely. Sending money to friends and family with us and the industry-leading technology we use ensures your funds arrive in full and your personal details are never compromised.

How we're secure
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We’re flexible

If you’ve ever wondered how to send money to Vietnam, wonder no more. WorldRemit allows you to transfer money to Vietnam in a variety of different ways: via instant bank transfer, for a cash pickup or as an airtime top-up.

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We're fast

Our bank transfer service is as fast as it is secure and flexible. You can transfer money to Vietnam in no time at all. Within minutes of sending it, the cash can be in your friend or relative’s hand!

How fast?

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There are lots of different ways to send your Vietnam-based family or friends funds. Find out more about them here:

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How to send money to Vietnam

It’s easy, safe and secure to send money to Vietnam. Find out more about the process below...

How do you want to send?

Take your pick and send money to Vietnam via instant balance transfer, cash pickup or door to door delivery.

Get started FAQs

Who are you sending to?

Choose from a list of people you’ve sent money to in Vietnam before or add the details of a new recipient.

Verifying your ID

How are you paying?

Choose your payment option from a range of choices and safely transfer money to Vietnam online.

Paying for your transfer
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Your money matters

Your money matters

Whatever your reason for sending funds there, the best way to send money to Vietnam is with us. It doesn’t matter if you’re transferring it in order to help out a friend, support a relative or pay a business client, you need to know that the money will arrive safely, securely and quickly. That’s where WorldRemit comes in.

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