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International transfers to MTN business mobile money are no longer permissible.

Our local partner, MTN Ghana, has implemented a change in their processes which means international remittances cannot be credited to mobile business accounts.

Please ensure that you are sending to a personal mobile money account before creating a transfer to an MTN account in Ghana.

For more information on services to Ghana visit our FAQs here.

Updated: 16th April 2021
Status: Ongoing

Bank Transfers to Nigeria in US Dollars

Please be aware that if your recipient does not have a USD bank account, the bank may automatically create one when the recipient receives an international transfer.

For more information on this click here.

You can also send money via cash pickup in US Dollars to these locations.

Updated: 16th April 2021
Status: Ongoing

Some Nigerian cash pickup locations are only paying out in multiples of $10

Due to availability of notes at some pickup locations, recipients may encounter difficulties collecting their exact amount. For example, if they were sent $155 the recipient might only be able to pick up $150.

Recipients can try alternative pickup locations where there may be better availability.

Read more about how you can solve this issue here.

Updated: 16th April 2021
Status: Ongoing

COVID-19 Support

Our customer support team is always happy to help. We thank you in advance for being polite and respectful to our colleagues during this challenging time.

Due to COVID-19 safety measures we're operating with less support team members. We request that you do not call unless you have a live transaction. You must read our FAQs which are updated regularly for more information.

Read more about the impact of COVID-19 on our services here.

Updated: 5th March 2021
Status: Ongoing