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Ugandan diaspora most frequent senders of remittances in the world

Milestone highlighted as Vice-President of Uganda, Edward Ssekandi, visits WorldRemit HQ

London, 18 September 2017: Ugandans are the most frequent senders of remittances, according to WorldRemit, the digital transfer company which sends to 149 countries around the globe. 

Migrants normally do just under one transaction a month, according to global surveys. But analysis of WorldRemit data showed that on a monthly basis, Ugandans send 4 transactions compared to 3.5 for their Kenyan neighbours.

The convenience of sending and receiving money 24/7 from an app, phone, or website, has driven the growth on WorldRemit’s business. 

WorldRemit customers now send $84 million each year to Uganda. The company is experiencing fast growth of 88% a year. About 80% of transactions to Uganda go to mobile money accounts.  

Most of the transactions come from USA, Europe and Australia – the USA is the fastest growing market at 600% per annum. 

As Uganda moves rapidly towards becoming a cashless economy, the Government of Uganda’s innovative and flexible approach to regulation of the mobile money industry has been recognised as a key factor in the explosion in mobile money usage.

The benefits of mobile money have been felt across the country. Recent research by the GSMA - the body representing mobile telecom operators - has shown that the per capita consumption of rural households increased by 72% after the adoption of mobile money.

Uganda’s leading role in the mobile money revolution was highlighted as the Vice-President of Uganda, His Excellency, Edward Ssekandi, visited WorldRemit headquarters in London. He is due to speak at the keynote Uganda-UK investment summit in London on Saturday.   

 Ismail Ahmed, CEO of WorldRemit said: “Ugandan customers are at the front of the mobile money revolution - choosing to support families at home by sending through our fast, low-cost digital service. We are delighted in the growth of our Ugandan service, and are working on the expansion of services in Uganda”

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