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WorldRemit Launches Online Money Transfer in New Zealand

London, UK, 30 November 2012: WorldRemit, the leading online money transfer service, has now launched its service in New Zealand. Customers in New Zealand will now be able to send money safely from the comfort of their own home to family and friends using a variety of payment methods including debit cards, credit cards and POLi.

Worldremit's online money transfer service offers compelling benefits to hard-working diaspora in New Zealand who on average spend more than an hour travelling to and from agent locations or bank branches to send small regular transfers.

WorldRemit is transforming the way money transfer is conducted. Traditionally migrants used to send money home through agent locations which meant withdrawing cash from a bank, taking time off to visit an agent and queuing up to hand over cash. And they used to pay hefty fees. With WorldRemit they can transfer funds from the privacy and convenience of their own home or office 24/7 for fees starting from 6.99 NZD.

About WorldRemit

WorldRemit is an award-winning online platform enabling migrants and expats to send remittances to family and friends in more than 100 receive countries using a variety of payment options including debit cards, credit cards and local payment methods. With 26 send countries, WorldRemit is the world's largest dedicated online money transfer business.