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WorldRemit customers can now send remittances directly to bank accounts in Hungary

Hungarian migrants in over 50 countries will now be able to transfer money directly to any bank account in Hungary via WorldRemit

Budapest and London, 3 November 2017: Leading digital money transfer service WorldRemit has launched instant money transfers to Hungary.

WorldRemit’s mobile-first, digital model allows hard working migrants to send money in a few taps directly from their phones - without the need to visit or stand in line at a bricks and mortar agent.

The new service lets migrants in over 50 countries send remittances directly to bank accounts in Hungary in a safe, quick and convenient way, using the WorldRemit app or website.

It is estimated that 600,000 Hungarians are working and living abroad, with top migration destinations including Germany,  the United Kingdom, Austria, and Switzerland. Remittances play an important role in its economy and the World Bank estimates that in 2015 $4.5 billion were received, making Hungary one of the top remittance receiving countries in Europe.

Ismail Ahmed, founder and CEO at WorldRemit, comments: In June, WorldRemit announced a global integration with Google’s Android Pay. WorldRemit customers now complete 750,000 transfers every month from over 50 send countries to 148 receiving destinations.

Visit WorldRemit’s website for more information on how to send money to Hungary.