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Bank transfer to Nigeria

A bank transfer is a simple way of transferring money to an account held in Nigeria quickly, safely and securely. You can send money to friends, family and businesses in Nigeria from your computer, tablet or smartphone. And both you and the recipient will receive SMS notifications as soon as the transfer is complete. It’s that easy!

The process is simple. You send the money to us. We then exchange the money into the available currency before sending it on to your recipient’s bank account. You can transfer money to Access Bank, FCMB, Fidelity, First Bank and GTBank.

Bank transfers to Nigeria - Banks vs. money transfer companies

Many banks give their customers the option to send funds to Nigeria. However, they typically charge high transfer fees and offer exchange rates that are lower than the ones you’re likely to find elsewhere. As a money transfer specialist, we offer more competitive exchange rates and lower transfer fees, putting more money in the pockets of your family and friends.

Unlike a number of transfer companies, we also show you the exchange rate you’ll receive upfront so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal.

How to complete a bank transfer to Nigeria

You can complete a bank transfer to Nigeria quickly and easily in the following steps:

  1. Ensure the cleared funds are available in your account
  2. Know the details of the recipient Nigerian bank account. Please note, this should be a USD domiciled bank account. You need to enter the following details:
    • Full name - Enter the recipient’s full legal name. To avoid any delays, the recipient’s name must exactly match their name on the bank statement.
    • Address - You will need to enter the recipient’s city to transfer funds.
    • Account details - To enable the transfer, we need the following: Recipient’s Bank Name Recipient’s Account Number (Account numbers are generally 10-digits long)
    IMPORTANT: The account details should refer to a USD domiciled accountBank Verification Number (BVN).
    • Bank Verification Number (BVN) - All recipients must have a BVN listed at the bank to receive international transfers. Please ensure that this step has been completed by the recipient before sending money, to ensure there are no delays with the transfer.
    • Mobile Number - We use the recipient’s mobile number to send an SMS notification to inform them when funds are credited to their account. Please confirm the correct 10-digit mobile number for your recipient. For example, if their number is +234 1234567890, enter only 1234567890 in the mobile number field, without a zero as the first character.
    • Email (optional) - We email your recipient with prompt details of the transfer. It is useful in case they have issues receiving SMS notifications.
    Reason for sending money Choose the reason for your money transfer:
    • Family or Friend support
    • Purchase of services
    • Property payment
    • Sending funds to self
    Please ensure that all your recipient’s details are correct. Once you make the transfer, it is difficult to amend or stop the transfer, although we will always try our best to do so.
  3. Now simply check the exchange rate and complete the transfer

What is a Bank Verification Number? 

The Bank Verification Number or BVN is an identification code number designed to stop fraud, and curb or reduce illegal banking transfers in Nigeria. The system works by identifying clients based on their securely recorded fingerprints and facial photographs.

How to get your BVN from abroad

Even if you are abroad, it’s important to get a BVN so that the Nigerian government does not confiscate the funds in your account.

To do this:

  1. Visit
    • Fill in the registration form
    • Make an appointment at one of their locations
    • Pay $5 online (or pay when you go to the appointment)
  2. At the appointment with Avante Global Services
    • Show a photo ID (driving license or passport)
    • Give them a passport photo or they will take one
    • They will take a record of your fingerprints
    • They’ll make sure all your details on the registration form are correct
    • They will give you an ID number
  3. Email your ID number to
    • They will then send you your BVN
  4. Give your bank your BVN by calling or on online banking

How to correct and update BVN Details

To update your BVN details, contact the bank branch where you registered. Here are the corrections that you can make on your BVN Details:

  • Date of birth
  • Change of first name due to marriage
  • Corrections in name due to misspelling

Documents required for BVN details update

  • Birth certificate – for correction of date of birth.
  • Those changing or correcting details due to marriage should provide marriage certificate/affidavit as a proof.
  • Corrections of name due to misspelling can be changed by presenting an international passport, national identity card or voter’s card showing the correct name.

How to check your BVN number on the phone

You can now quite simply check your BVN number code on your mobile phone. Just dial *565*0# to check your Bank Verification Number (BVN).

How to check your BVN number online

To find your BVN number online, simply log into your Internet banking app and you’ll see the code displayed on your front page.

Why should you use WorldRemit for international bank transfer?

  • Low-cost – We use our size and cutting-edge technology to bring you some of the most competitive exchange rates you’ll find. There are no fees for the recipient.
  • Trusted – As an international bank transfer specialist, we are recognised by the  and licensed by government regulators around the world, wherever applicable.
  • Secure – We’ve completed thousands of Nigeria bank transfers and use industry-leading technology to protect your money and guarantee the deposit arrives quickly and safely every time.

Why choose WorldRemit?

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We use industry-leading technology that protects your money and guarantees it arrives safely every time.

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