WorldRemit makes it easy for you to send money home to your friends and family in Mexico. We also make it fast, safe and low cost. Plus, we offer you a choice of ways to send money there.  See below for more information on these services:

Cash pickup

  • Speed: Instant
  • Pick up from any branches of the following:
    • AirPak Network (Modatelas, Muebles America, Maxilana, Calimax and many more)
    • Banco Azteca
    • BBVA Bancomer
    • Bancoppel
    • Garis S.A
    • Grupo Merza
    • Telecomm Telegrafos
    • Pagos Intermex

Click the link for more information about cash pickups to Mexico

Bank transfer

  • Speed: Same day
  • Transfer to accounts of the following banks in Mexico:
    • Actinver
    • Banamex
    • Banca Afirme
    • Banca Mifel
    • Banco Azteca
    • Banco Del Bajio
    • Banco Famsa
    • Banco Inbursa
    • Banco Interacciones
    • Banco Multiva
    • Banco Regional de Monterrey
    • Banco Santander Serfin
    • Bancoppel
    • Banejercito
    • Banorte
    • Bansefi
    • BBVA Bancomer
    • Cibanco
    • Compartamos Banco
    • HSBC Mexico
    • Scotiabank Inverlat

Click the link for more information about bank transfers to Mexico

Airtime top-up