Pay to a China UnionPay Card

See below for answers to your questions about sending money to China via Union PayCard.

What is China UnionPay?

China UnionPay is a cashless payment method in China using a debit or credit card.

China UnionPay cardholders must be Chinese nationals and they can receive international payments sent directly to their cards. A UnionPay cardholder can withdraw the funds from bank ATMs supporting UnionPay, use them in merchant POS card readers and can be used for public utilities and much more.

What information do I need from my recipient to send to China UnionPay cards in China?

  • Full name. Please enter your recipient’s full legal name. English character only. Must be Chinese national.
  • Address. We need your recipient’s city.
  • Card number. We will require your recipient UnionPay card number ranging between 16-19 digits and beginning with 62.
  • Mobile number. We use this to send an SMS notification to your recipient with the transaction number, informing them that their funds have been credited.
  • Email (optional). We use this to email your recipient with details of your transaction (e.g. in case they have issues receiving the SMS notifications).

Please ensure that all your recipient’s details are correct. Once you make your transaction, it is difficult for us to amend or stop the transfer, although we will always try our best to do so.

How much can I send to a China UnionPay card in China?

A maximum of CNY 30,000 per transfer.

What currencies can I credit to a China UnionPay card in China?

Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY) Only.

When will funds be credited to China UnionPay cards in China?

Usually within the next day. We will notify you and your recipient by email and SMS when funds are credited.

We may sometimes require further information from you before we can process the transfer in order to comply with our regulatory requirements. We will email you if this is the case.

Which banks in China support China UnionPay?

The supported China UnionPay banks in China are as follows:

National Bank

  1. Bank Of China
  2. Bank Of Communications
  3. China Construction Bank
  4. China Everbright Bank
  5. Huaxia Bank Co.,Ltd
  6. Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China

Regional Bank

  1. Bank Of Jiangsu
  2. Bank Of Jiujiang
  3. Bank Of Shanghai
  4. Bank Of Shaoxing Co.,Ltd
  5. Bank Of Yingkou
  6. Baotou Commercial Bank
  7. Changchun Development Rural Commercial Bank
  8. Chongqing Wulong Rongxing Rural Bank
  9. Chongqing Youyang Rongxing Rural Bank
  10. Fujian Rural Credit Union
  11. Gaoyao Rural Credit Union
  12. Guangdong Rural Credit Bank
  13. Guang Xi Nong Cun Xin Yong Lian He She
  14. Guixi Jiuyin County Bank Corporation Limited
  15. Gujiao Huize Village Bank
  16. Haikou Rural Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd
  17. Hantai Village Bank
  18. Harbin City Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd.
  19. Harbin Bank Limited Company
  20. Henan Rural Credit Cooperative
  21. Hohhot City Commercial Bank
  22. Honghu Rongxing Rural Bank
  23. Hu Nan Rural Commercial Bank
  24. Jiangxi Shangli Fumin Rural Back Co.Ltd.
  25. Jiashan United Rural Bank
  26. Jinggangshan Jiu Yin Villages And Small Bank Co.,Ltd
  27. Jiutai Rural Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd(Credit Card)
  28. Lanzhou Bank
  29. Leiyang Rongxing Rural Bank
  30. Liaoning Rural Credit Cooperatives
  31. Linfen City Commercial Bank
  32. Linyi Commercial Bank
  33. Liulin Huize Village Bank
  34. Longjiang Bank
  35. Nanhai Rural Credit Union
  36. Nanjing Liuhe Jiuyin County Bank Corporation Limited
  37. Omnipay Inc.
  38. Otog Huize Village Bank
  39. Pengshan Zhujiang Rural Bank
  40. Pingchnag Noke Rural Bank
  41. Qiao Chen Hushang Rural Bank
  42. Qilu Bank
  43. Qinghai Rural Credit Union
  44. Shaanxi Qinnong Rural Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd
  45. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank
  46. Sichuan Tianfu Bank Co.,Ltd
  47. Suining Anju Rongxing Rural Bank
  48. Tangxian Huize Village Bank
  49. Woori Bank (China) Limited
  50. Wuhua Huimin Village Bank Co.,Ltd
  51. Wujiang Rural Commercial Bank
  52. Xiangshan Credit Union
  53. Xinghe Huize Village Bank
  54. Xingxian Huize Village Bank
  55. Xiushui Jiuyin County Bank Corporation Limited
  56. Yellow River Rural Commercial Bank
  57. Yingcheng Rongxing Rural Bank
  58. Yunan Huimin Village Bank
  59. Zhejiang Rural Credit Union
  60. Zhenglanqi Huize Village Bank
  61. Zhongyuanbank
  62. Zhuhai Hengqin Village Bank

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