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Transfer money to Ghana Commercial Bank

What is Ghana Commercial Bank?

Ghana Commercial Bank, now renamed GCB Bank, is the second largest bank in Ghana. It operates through 183 branches and 314 ATM in the ten regions of the country. The bank offers a wide selection of products - current accounts and savings accounts, other deposits, and business and foreign exchange accounts. Plus, personal loans and overdrafts. There’s something for everyone.

How to send money to Ghana Commercial Bank accounts

You can transfer money simply and securely to your family and friends’ bank Ghana Commercial Bank accounts with WorldRemit. Funds will be available in 1 – 2 days.

Here’s how:

  1. Visit our homepage and select Ghana from the 'choose a country to send to' dropdown list

  2. Select 'Bank Transfer' as the preferred service

  3. Tap in how much you’d like to send

  4. Select Ghana Commercial Bank as the network you’d like to use

  5. Add the details of your recipient or choose from a list of people you’ve sent to in the past

We'll send confirmation to both you and your recipient by SMS and email when your money is sent and received.

How to find Ghana Commercial Bank branches

GCB Bank has 183 branches in ten regions across the country. You can find the one you’re looking for here.

How much can you transfer to a bank account in Ghana?

That will depend on the country you’re sending from and how you want to pay. It may be that a card payment has a different limit to a transfer made directly from your bank account.

To check what applies to you, just add the amount you'd like to transfer into our ‘Send to’ calculator and we'll let you know straight away.

Send money for cash pickup from Ghana Commercial Bank

If you need to send money to Ghana instantly, or if your family and friends don’t have a Ghana Commercial bank account – we have an alternative way to send them money.

You can send money for instant cash pickup from all branches of GCB Bank. See here for a full list of locations.

Other ways to send money to Ghana with WorldRemit

We can offer you a choice of fast, low cost and secure ways to send money to your family and friends in the Ghana – both of them instant:

  • Mobile money – send money directly to your loved ones mobile money accounts on their phones

  • Airtime top up – recharge your family and friends’ phones

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We’re Safe

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