Katrina Lane, Content writer   01 April 2020

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We understand this is a particularly difficult time for many people away from home. At WorldRemit we want to help you stay safe online and make sure that, if needed, you can provide financial support to your loved ones. Our website and app are still available 24/7 and we are doing our best to ensure that money transfers work as normal. 

We have prepared an overview of how to send and receive money during Covid-19 pandemic.

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1. Read our FAQs before sending money

Whilst WorldRemit is a safe, convenient and fast way of sending money, you may experience a slightly longer wait time for transfers to arrive. Also, please note that some cash pick up services have been temporarily restricted.

Please read our FAQ page before sending money.

2. Check cash pick up location restrictions in our Covid-19 section

With cash pickup transfers, the recipient can collect the payment as physical cash. WorldRemit offers cash pickup transfers within dozens of locations around the world. To see if cash pickup transfer is still available where your recipient lives, click here.

Note that some cash pick-up locations serving money transfer operators have temporarily restricted opening hours or are closed. Where possible, please transfer to bank accounts, mobile money, or airtime.

For more details on restrictions in the following countries, follow the links:

Alternatively, you can visit the homepage of your destination country on our website or app.

For more information on how services are being impacted by Covid-19, please visit our FAQ’s page. 

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3. If possible, send a bank transfer or mobile money

Due to the COV19 outbreak, several restrictions have been placed on our cash pick up services. We recommend sending money via bank transfer or using mobile money when possible.

Bank Transfer

With WorldRemit you can send money from your bank account to your family or friends’ bank accounts all over the world. To check if sending money is available in a certain country, simply select that country on our website or app.

How do I make an international bank transfer?

It’s so easy to make international bank transfers using our website or app. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in or sign up for a WorldRemit account
  2. Select the country and amount you want to send
  3. Enter your recipient’s details (name, address, phone number) and bank details (bank name, IBAN number and SWIFT code)
  4. Pay for your transaction

For more information about the bank transfer service with WorldRemit, click here.

Mobile Money

A popular alternative to bank accounts, mobile money allows users to store, send, and receive money using their mobile phone. Please select the region your recipient lives in to see if mobile money is an option there.

How do I use Mobile money?

  1. Make sure that your recipient has a mobile money account. If not, they can create an account through their local mobile money agent.
  2. Login to WorldRemit and choose mobile money as the service you wish to send.

Click here for more information on using mobile money.

4. Only contact customer service if necessary

Our customer support teams are here to help, but we are currently receiving very high call volumes, so we ask for your patience.  We kindly ask that you check our FAQs page before contacting us.

If you have received notification that your transaction has been cancelled, note that a refund can take up to 7 days. Please do not contact us until after this time.

If you still have a question after reading our FAQs page, check one of our other pages:

For information on payment, cancellation and refunds, visit:

For help with your account and to understand how we use the information you provide us, visit:

And if you have an issue, check our troubleshooting for a solution.

5. Track your transactions via our mobile app

To keep track of transactions and any questions related to your transfer, head to our mobile app!

Find out if your transaction is ready for collection, or if you need to provide any additional information to us by following these four simple steps:

  1. Open the WorldRemit app
  2. Click on the Transaction history icon
  3. Select the transfer you want to see
  4. Click on View collection instructions

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6. New to digital remittances?

New to WorldRemit? Check out our getting started page to find an overview of the services we provide.

Visit the following pages for information on:

Have questions about our services and transfer methods? For more information, visit:

Where you can send to and where you can send from

For the full list of the 150+ countries you can send to and the 50+ countries you can send from, visit these pages:

7. Keep in touch - we’re sending email updates about our service

Our teams around the world are doing their best to keep our services running as normal. However, transfers might take slightly longer than usual and there have been some restrictions on our cash pick up locations.

Follow us on social media for regular updates on what services have been impacted by Covid-19:

8. Beware of Covid-19 online scams

Several reports have been made of scams using the Covid-19 pandemic to trick people into the following:

  • Donating to a fake World Health Organization Covid-19 Response Fund
  • Making a bitcoin payment or risking family members being infected with Covid-19
  • Downloading malware from coronavirus 19 maps
  • Entering credit card details into phishing websites pretending to offer information updates, access to testing centres or free meals for children during school closures
  • Online shopping scams of face masks, hand sanitizers and other products which never arrive


Our main priority is helping you to get through this challenging time. We pride ourselves on making sure you stay connected to your loved ones and want to remind you that we’re here to help. We’re doing everything we can to make sure you can continue to support those who mean so much to you without disruption. 

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