Iva Kubickova, Content Marketing Executive   10 May 2019

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Mother’s Day can be a bittersweet day if you live far away from your family. Although you may do your best to attend weddings or milestones birthday parties, you often have to let many important occasions pass you by – occasions such as Mother’s Day.

In 2019, the International Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 12, so it is only a couple of days away!

As a leading money transfer provider, WorldRemit helps families separated by thousands of miles to stay connected.

So, we took this opportunity to ask our customers how they show their love and appreciation for their mums on Mother’s Day.

A WorldRemit survey of customers sending money to GhanaColombiaMexicoPhilippines and Kenya* revealed:

  • When asked who they send money to, over 60% of those who responded said they send money to their mother.

  • When asked when they last met their mother, over 40% of those that responded said they haven’t seen her for 2 years or more.

  • When asked how they celebrate Mother’s Day, the majority (over 75%) of those that responded said they send their mother money. Of those that send their mother money, over 50% also send her a gift.

Let’s find out what the best last-minute gift ideas are – gifts that don’t require a lot of preparation, but are still meaningful.


1. Send your mum a personalised E-card

Sending a handwritten card overseas can be risky. Sometimes the card only gets to its destination after a couple of months, once you’ve already resigned yourself to the fact that it got lost.

In times of increasing international mail rates and logistic barriers, e-cards are becoming a popular choice for people living abroad or travelling.

E-cards allow you to send your mum a personalised image, or animation with a message of your choice. She can receive it via email or text message.

Whether you want to make your mum smile, laugh or cry, the world is your oyster with e-cards. Some favourite picks are JibJab, Hallmark Cards or, for free options, try Punchbowl!

2. Give your mum an experience

If you want to make your mum smile, why not treat her with an experience gift? Whether you give her two tickets to see a play in a local theatre or a gift card to a restaurant, it will make her happy.

Your options depend on what’s available in the area where she lives. In some countries, you can find specialised online stores offering gift vouchers for an experience.

3. Make her feel pampered

Beauty treatment could be another thoughtful gift for your mum. It is a great way to give her time to relax and feel beautiful.

What about booking a massage or manicure for her? From a facial to a hairdresser appointment, you have many alternatives to choose from.

Some salons let you pay for the appointment online with your debit or credit card, while some require a deposit to their bank account. WorldRemit makes it easy for you to pay for the chosen beauty treatment with fast and secure online payments. Find out more about how it works.

4. Spend some time together (the long-distance way)

Our survey confirmed that the majority of our customers call their mother to wish her happy Mother's Day.

Whether you call your mum on your own, or together with your family, a video call can make it feel almost as if you are together in person. And if you want to do something different, you can plan a meal together and talk while you are eating.

Apps like Facebook Messenger or Skype are one of the most popular video calls options. You can check the best video chat apps here.


5. Ask someone to deliver a present for you

If you can’t hand your mum a present in person, why not find a trusted friend or family member who’ll do it for you?

Your options depend on what your helper can deliver quickly. What about her favourite box of chocolates, gardening gloves or aromatic candle?

You can also ask them to buy a card for you, write your message and deliver it with a bouquet of fresh blooms.

A lovely surprise for her!

6. Send your mum money

Millions of people living and working abroad show their mums that they are thinking of them by sending them money. And Mother’s Day is a perfect time to do just that.

Our online money transfer service makes it easier to send money to your mum this Mother’s Day. You can make a transfer anytime, from anywhere, with just a few taps on your smartphone.

We also deliver notifications to you and your mum when the money has been sent and received. So you can stay connected at every stage of the money transfer journey.

In each country, we offer a different range of services. Find out what services are available in your mum’s country here.


And what else?

We at WorldRemit wish mums around the world a Happy Mother’s Day.

What would you like to say to your mum on this Mother’s Day? We’d love to know. Please let us know in comments.

Send your mum a gift with WorldRemit



*Responses were collected from a survey of over 5,000 WorldRemit customers aged 18 – 50 who have sent money to Ghana, Colombia, Mexico, Philippines and Kenya in the last six months from UK, Australia, USA, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Norway, New Zealand and Spain.