WorldRemit Content Team   18 April 2019

Happy woman standing in front of trees in a purple top laughing at the camera

Picture the scene: you’re walking down a busy London street minding your own business when one of the city’s iconic routemaster buses drives by.

But wait, what’s that bright purple advert you see on the side?

The words “No wahala!” jump out at you in giant pink letters, and you find your mind instantly transported back to the sights, sounds and smells of your hometown in Nigeria.

If you’ve experienced this feeling in the last couple of weeks, you’re not alone! Whether you’ve spotted a “Bacano” on the New York subway or a “Galing” on the highways of California, you might be wondering what your favourite phrase from home is doing on the other side of the world?

Well, there’s an easy answer!


No fees on your first 3 transfers with WorldRemit

Here at WorldRemit, we’re offering you no fees on your first three transfers when you send money online with us – and we think that’s something worth shouting about!

To celebrate this incredible offer, we wanted to capture the spirit of people like you: our amazing customers who go the extra mile to help their loved ones back at home.

We wanted to bring a slice of your home country right to the streets of London, New York, New Jersey and LA, helping you to feel that little bit closer to those that you treasure the most.

How to claim your 3 fee-free transfers

To say goodbye to any fees on your first 3 transfers with us, all you need to do is add the code "3FREE" on each of your first three transactions. It’s super simple to sign up and start sending money in minutes – just follow the link below:

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You’ll find the full terms and conditions for our 3FREE promotion here.

What do the phrases from our 3FREE campaign mean?

Here’s a list of all the phrases you might see as part of our campaign, and – for those that are wondering – a quick run down of what they actually mean:

“No wahala: No worries!”

Used in Nigeria

If you’re feeling pretty relaxed and your day is going great, you could say that you have ‘no wahala’: a Nigerian slang phrase for when you have no worries or when something’s not a problem.

Use it in a conversation:

Person 1: I need to send money, but my local shop is closed!

Person 2: No wahala! You can send money online at any time with WorldRemit.

 “No wahala: No worries!”

"Galing: Amazing!"

Used in the Philippines

When something is super great in the Philippines, you’ll hear people of all ages exclaiming ‘galing!’ - so much so that it’s not really considered a slang word but more a part of everyday conversation. 

Use it in a conversation:

Person 1: There aren’t any fees on your first 3 transfers with WorldRemit

Person 2: Galing! I’ll check them out!

"Bacano: Cool!"

Used in Colombia

If you’re heading over to the Americas any time soon, look out for the slang word ‘bacano!’ being used to describe something as super cool and fun.

Use it in a conversation:

Person 1: Bacano! My mobile money transfer arrived straight away when I used WorldRemit

"Sawa: Cool!"

Used in Kenya

Over in Kenya, the word being used to express that something is all good is ‘sawa!’. Swahili in origin, ‘sawa’ is a great word to use when something is going well for you.

Use it in a conversation:

Person 1: I sent you some cash for collection with WorldRemit

Person 2: Sawa! I'll pick it up today from my local DTB

Here’s where you can spot some of our ads around the world

From London to New York, look out for our 3FREE ads everywhere you go. And if you spot one out and about, why not tweet us at @WorldRemit with a photo?

In London: on the sides of London routemaster buses and all over the London Underground (example: Finsbury Park and Euston stations)

In New York: inside carriages of the New York subway and on the sides of New York buses

In California: on giant billboards as you drive along the highway (for example Los Angeles and San Diego)

In New Jersey: inside buses, subways and trains

So what are you waiting for? Start sending money online with us today – and don’t forget to add the code 3FREE to your first 3 transfers to enjoy no fees!

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