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Picture the scene: you’re relaxing on an empty beach on a paradise island - it’s the perfect way to enjoy your holiday.

Naturally you want to tell friends and family back home how much fun you’re having, but there’s a problem: you need to top up credit on the pay as you go sim you bought at the airport when you arrived. You’re also a bit low on cash.

You don’t know where the nearest shop is, and there’s no Wi-Fi on the beach. What do you do?

Imagine a second scenario: you are passing through a village in a remote area and after hours of searching for an ATM, you have finally found one. But there is one problem – instead of taking out cash, the machine refuses to accept your card.

This was the only ATM around and it is getting dark. What now?

Thankfully for you - we have the answer.

Manage your money on the go

The idea behind WorldRemit goes all the way back to 2014 when the founder of WorldRemit, Ismael Ahmed, decided to build a future for himself and fellow migrants who were looking for a better way to send money to their family and friends.

But WorldRemit doesn’t just let you send money to family and friends - you can send money to yourself when you travel.

You will benefit from sending funds to yourself with WorldRemit if you are:

  • Travelling abroad for a holiday.
  • Visiting friends and relatives.
  • Studying abroad and receive money from family.
  • Visiting friends and family back home.
  • Freelancer working remotely.
  • Or you simply need to create a transaction to yourself when you are abroad from time to time.

Practical online service

Our services run online. You can create, manage, amend and cancel transaction a transaction at any time: before you leave, while waiting at the airport or when you arrive at the destination. You chose!

A small amount of time spent on looking for the most convenient services we offer can save you a significant amount of money.

We provide upfront information about our fees, services and exchange rate on our website and mobile app – just check our FAQ.

Better exchange rate than at airports or local shops

Travellers who exchange money at the airport are accepting one of the lowest exchange rates on the market and are easily missing out on a big chunk of money.

Do it differently this time and we are confident that you will never look back.

WorldRemit offers you live exchange rates on a daily basis for a specific currency using our app. We’ll send you a notification every day to tell you how the rate’s looking. You can follow the exchange rates a few days before your trip and create a transaction with an exchange rate which fits you best.

And do we even have to mention that you won’t need to rush at the airport and queue up to get your money? No? We thought so.


Low fees and no ATM charges

Most worldwide transactions are still happening in a form of cash. When you are travelling abroad, especially to remote locations or less developed countries, you will need cash.

It’s always safer to carry smaller amounts of cash while travelling. But that will leave you to always look for an ATM and unreasonable exchange rate. At most cases, you will have to pay a foreign usage charge and pay fees for using the ATM.

You get to try us for free!

For everyone who wants to level up their personal finance abroad, we’ve got a deal which you simply cannot miss. Your first transaction will be entirely fee-free.

Enjoy zero fees on your first money transfer

1. Send yourself a cash pick up

You could send money to one of our cash pickup agents. Just make yourself the receiver and make sure you fill in your details as they appear in the official identity document you’ll be using to collect the cash at an agent location.

When you get to recipient’s details, fill in the address of your accommodation and your local phone number.

If you don’t have a number of your own, you can still use our service. Please let us know via email or call and our customer service will be happy to assist you with creating your first transaction.

Check out a list of receiving countries and be sure to choose the most convenient one - there’s a list of locations on the website. Take your passport and your confirmation code with you.

Are you interested in our cash pick up service? Then check out these handy cash pick up tips for a smooth experience!

2. Top up your phone

It’s all about convenience. If you have a local sim card already you could top up airtime before you arrive. You could even do this waiting for your flight from the WorldRemit app.

After you get there you can continue to add call time from the app or website when you have Wi-Fi - or log in on your local phone before your credit runs out.

To create a successful airtime top up, you don’t need any other information besides the actual mobile number. And what is best - most network providers allow you to purchase a data package with your airtime.

Buying a sim card in Zanzibar. Picture: Fiona Graham / WorldRemit CC 2.0.

3. Send to Mobile Money

In some countries, you can get a mobile money account at the same time as buying a sim card. Mobile money is a system that lets you send and receive funds on your mobile phone - even if you don’t have a bank account. We send to 34 mobile money services in 26 countries - often instantly. 

Once the transfer arrives, you can either collect your cash from a local agent (they tend to be everywhere), send money directly from your phone to other people, or in some places pay for goods and services in shops. Please note: some countries only allow residents or passport holders to set up mobile money accounts, so make sure you check in advance.

Check your mobile

The best thing about mobile money is you don’t need a top-of-the-range smartphone: a basic handset will do. It’s as easy as sending a text message, just make sure that your phone will work in the country you’re visiting.

Check the sim size

The other thing you need to double check is that the sim card you buy fits your handset - or that the size your phone takes is easily available when you arrive.

Not sure how mobile money works? Let Alfonce explain.

4. Transfer to your bank account

For all who have a bank account abroad, we have another great option! Send yourself a transaction directly to your bank account.

When you are choosing a recipient, fill in your full name, the address which is registered on your bank account – same applied to a telephone number. Because you will be both sender and recipient of this transaction, you do not have to worry about missing out on any information.

Just like with other services, you can follow your transfer via our mobile app or on your WorldRemit account online.

5. Banking on it

WorldRemit can help to manage your expenses too - if a local guide, driver or perhaps hotel requires payment upfront and they don’t take credit cards, you can send money directly to their bank account.

Make sure you check more information about our bank transfer service in our helpful guide or FAQ.


What advice do you have when it comes to sending money to yourself abroad? Or have you used WorldRemit in other unusual ways? If so we’d love to hear about it in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

Send yourself money with WorldRemit

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