Iva Kubickova, Content Executive   11 February 2019

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Picture the scene - you’re relaxing on an empty beach on a paradise island and naturally, you want to share the moment. You want to tell friends and family back home just what an amazing time you’re having.

But there’s a problem.  You need to top up credit on the Pay-As-You-Go SIM you bought at the airport. You’re also a bit low on cash. What do you do?

WorldRemit has the answer. We don’t just help you send money to family and friends, we’ll also help you to send money to yourself when you travel. You can collect cash in a nearby shop, pick up funds from a local bank, get an instant transfer to your mobile money account, or top up your phone on the go. The choice is yours.

Many of our customers have enjoyed this service and sent money to themselves at least once.

 Best of all, they’ve avoided high commission fees, ATM charges and a poor conversion rate.

So if you’re away on holiday, studying abroad, or working overseas you could benefit from sending money or airtime to yourself with WorldRemit.

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How to save money when sending money to yourself

Save money on exchange rates at airports or local shops

Travellers who exchange money at the airport may be settling for low exchange rates and so losing money.

You can do it differently with WorldRemit. Use our app and we’ll offer you live exchange rates on a daily basis for a specific currency. We’ll send you a notification every day, telling you how the rate’s looking. You can follow the exchange rates a few days before your trip and make a transaction with an exchange rate that’s right for you.

Best of all, there’ll be no need to rush at the airport and queue up to get your money.

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Plan your expenses online

We offer an online service. So you can create, manage, amend and cancel a transaction at any time - before you leave, while waiting at the airport, or when you arrive at the destination. You choose!

Spending just a little time looking for the most convenient services we can offer you could save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

You’ll find upfront information about our fees, services and exchange rates on our website and mobile app. Plus, you can check our FAQs.

Enjoy low fees and no ATM charges

You may not want to travel with large sums of cash for a variety of reasons. But in some locations, especially the more remote ones, cash might be the only way to go.

The problem is local ATMs and money exchange shops don’t always offer the best exchange rates or fees. That’s where we can help.

Send money to yourself with us for significantly lower fees and better exchange rates, with no hidden charges. All information is shown upfront and cash is ready for pick up instantly. 

So join the world of digital money transfers and forget high exchange rates, foreign usage charges and unreasonable ATM fees. Instead, enjoy the service, as if you were local.

You get to try us for free!

If you decide to use us abroad, we’ve got a great deal for you. Your first transaction will be completely fee-free.

Enjoy zero fees on your first money transfer

1. Send yourself a cash pick up

You could send money to yourself via one of our cash pickup agents. Just make yourself the recipient and fill in your details, as they appear in the official identity document you’ll be using to collect the cash at an agent location.

When you get to recipient’s details, fill in the address of your accommodation and your local phone number.

If you don’t have a number of your own, you can still use our service. Please let us know via email, or call and our customer services will be happy to assist you with creating your first transaction.

Check out the list countries you can send to and choose the most convenient location to pick up from. There’s a list of locations on the website. Take your passport and your confirmation code with you. 

Check out our handy cash pick up guide for more information.


2. Top up your phone

It’s all about convenience. If you have a local SIM card you could top up your airtime before you arrive. You could even do this while waiting for your flight, using the WorldRemit app.

Once you arrive you can continue to add airtime from the app, or website. You can use Wi-Fi, or log in on your local phone before your credit runs out.

You won’t need any other information other than your mobile number to send yourself airtime. Best of all, most network providers allow you to purchase a data package with your airtime.


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3. Send to Mobile Money

In some countries you can get a mobile money account at the same time as buying a SIM card. Mobile money is a system that lets you send and receive funds on your mobile phone - even if you don’t have a bank account. We send to 34 mobile money services in 26 countries - often instantly. 

Once the transfer arrives, you can either collect your cash from a local agent, send money directly from your phone to someone else, or in some places pay for goods and services in shops. 

Please note: some countries only allow residents to set up mobile money accounts, so it’s worth checking in advance.

Check your mobile

The best thing about mobile money is you don’t need a top-of-the-range smartphone to have an account: a basic handset will do. It’s as easy as sending and receiving a text message.  Just make sure that your phone will work in the country you’re visiting.

Check the sim size

Check that the SIM card you buy fits your handset - or that the size of SIM your phone requires is easily available when you arrive.

Not sure how mobile money works? Let our mobile money expert, Alix Murphy, help you understand everything you need to know.

4. Transfer to your bank account

If you have a bank account abroad, we have another great option. Send yourself money directly to your bank account.

When you’re choosing the recipient, simply fill in your full name, and the address and phone number that are registered on your bank account.

Just as with our other services, you can track your transfer via our mobile app or on your WorldRemit account online.

5. Manage your expenses abroad

WorldRemit can help you manage your expenses, too. If a local guide, driver or perhaps hotel requires payment upfront and they don’t take credit cards, you can send money directly to their bank account.

Check more information about our bank transfer service.

5. Swap your traditional wallet with a digital one



The WorldRemit Wallet is a free account, which allows you to safely store your money until you need it.

The wallet is a feature of our mobile app and allows you to withdraw funds, using any of our services and pay-out networks available at your destination.

Imagine creating one larger transaction before you leave, and then splitting the withdrawals in a way that suits you. You can top up airtime when you need to call home. You can get a cash pick up on your way to the local market. You can even organise a bank account transfer when you’re paying for a hotel room. If you’re travelling with friends, you can even credit their WorldRemit Wallet!

Make the most out of the best conversion rates by sending money to your wallet in advance. The good news is that you don’t need to pay for individual withdrawals. What’s in your wallet is yours, no charges or fees apply.

This excellent feature is increasingly available in more and more countries. For information on how you can use the WorldRemit Wallet, visit our  How it Works page, or visit our FAQ page.


Do you have any advice about sending money to yourself abroad? Or have you used WorldRemit in other unusual ways?

If so, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.

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