Iva Kubickova, Content Marketing Executive   22 October 2018

The philanthropist and businessman, Kevin Korgba, was born and raised in Nigeria. He became an entrepreneur at just 20 years old.

Today, he’s best known as a promoter of the private sector, which he sees as providing Africa with the opportunity to overcome the stigma of a continent dependent on international aid.

To that end, he’s a founder of the ETK Group, which is helping local African businesses to enter the global market, as well as supporting international trade to Africa.

He also established The Centre for African Business Education, a platform offering training and valuable know-how to African businesses.

The power of education

As a proud graduate of three universities himself, Kevin strongly believes in the power of education for others. He promotes education and its importance in the life of a young person, as well as its crucial role in economically empowering every nation.

He saw how much his father’s educational scholarship changed the lives of his whole family for the better.

He says; “Every little drop of positive input will add up to create the tidal wave of change that is needed.”

As another step in his effort to address Africa’s challenges from the inside, he developed an educational programme offering scholarships to young students in Nigeria.

We spoke with Kevin about his entrepreneurial journey. But, most importantly, we spoke about what inspired him to improve the lives of fellow Nigerians and the people of Africa.

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