Iva Kubickova, Content Marketing Executive   16 October 2018

In the UK, October is the month for recognising a history which isn’t always found in our school books. It’s the month we celebrate Black History.

Of course, at WorldRemit we celebrate black culture throughout the year. But we couldn’t miss out on this special opportunity to share important parts of black history with you. So far, we’ve looked at The Black Inventors Who Shaped Our World.

Today, we’re sharing a poem with you. Why? Because October 17 is Black Poetry Day. It’s a day which celebrates the contributions of black poets and authors - past and present.

We hope that you enjoy our reading of the poem ‘I am the Black Child’ by Mychal Wynn.

I Am the Black Child

By Mychal Wynn

I am special, ridicule cannot sway me
I am strong, obstacles cannot stop me
I hold my head high, proudly proclaiming my uniqueness
I hold my pace, continuing forward through adversity
I am proud of my heritage
I am confident that I can achieve my every goal.
I am becoming all that I can be
I am the Black Child, I am a Child of God

About the author

Mychal Wynne is a tireless educator and author from the US. He’s also CEO of the Foundation for Ensuring Access and Equity, a Georgia-based non-profit organisation, devoted to enabling lower-income families to gain access to colleges and universities, which they couldn’t normally afford.

His poem, ‘I am the Black Child’ highlights the strength and pride he had during his childhood despite living in a poor rural area of Alabama. It’s an inspirational poem, which helps us all find pride in the culture we were born with.