Send mobile money to the Philippines

The fast, simple way to make a mobile money transfer to the Philippines

Have friends or family in the Philippines? Send money directly to their Globe mobile phone or Mobile Smart Account from over 140 countries around the world!

Globe Cash

GCash (mobile wallet by Globe)
Money is added straight away to GCash accounts once your payment's been approved. All you'll need is your recipient's Mobile Money Account number.


Money is added straight away to SMART accounts once your payment's been approved. All you'll need is your recipient's Mobile Money Account number.

What is a mobile money transfer?

Our mobile transfer service helps people in over 140 countries around the world to transfer money to friends and family in the Philippines. The person you’re sending to first needs to set up either a GCash mobile wallet on their Globe phone, or a Mobile Smart Account. Once the mobile wallet is in place, you'll be able to send money to them from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Once the money arrives in your recipient’s mobile wallet, they'll be able to use their phones to transfer cash or buy products and services in stores. The money can also be withdrawn by visiting an agent - typically in a local store.

How to send a mobile money transfer

All you need to do to send mobile money to the Philippines is:

  • Select the ‘Mobile Money Transfer’ service and choose the amount you want to send
  • You'll be shown any fees and the exchange rate up front
  • Once your transfer is complete, we'll send you and your recipient an SMS notification to let you know!

There aren't any service charges on mobile money transfers to the Philippines. Instead, a small fee is charged every time a transfer is made.

Why send mobile money to the Philippines?

There are a number of benefits associated with sending money to the Philippines using our mobile money transfer service:

  • Your money is added straight away once the payment has been approved
  • Your recipient doesn't need to carry lots of cash around with them
  • Your money is delivered straight to your recipient’s phone
  • Every transaction is protected and signed with a PIN, helping to keep the whole process secure

Not only is a mobile money transfer a quick, safe and simple way to send money to the Philippines, but it also allows your recipient to enjoy cashless convenience anytime, anywhere!


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