What is the Pakistan Remittance Initiative (PRI)?

The PRI is a joint initiative of the State Bank of Pakistan, Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Ministry of Finance that was established in 2009. Its aim is to make remittances into Pakistan faster, cheaper and more convenient.

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Does it matter what country I send from to qualify for PRI?

No. The Central Bank of Pakistan offers a rebate on all transactions that are above USD $100 (or equivalent in sender currency), and no fee is charged to the customer.

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Are all money transfer companies associated with PRI?

No, only selected money transfer companies are affiliated with the Pakistan Remittance Initiative (PRI) programme.

WorldRemit is proud to be affiliated with the PRI, meaning we can offer you fee-free transfers on select transactions over USD $100 (or equivalent in sender currency).

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Will the PRI affect my recipient?

No, nothing will change for your recipient. They will receive their money in the same way and will have nothing to pay on receipt.

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Do I need to use a specific service to qualify for PRI?

No. This offer is applicable on all bank deposit and mobile money transfers; and select locations of cash pickup transfers.

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Do I need to pay using a specific payment method to qualify for PRI?

No. This offer is applicable no matter which payment method you use to pay for your transaction to Pakistan.

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Does my transaction qualify for PRI if I’m sending to a business in Pakistan?

No, only transactions to personal accounts qualify for PRI.

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Are all of WorldRemit's partners associated with PRI?

All bank transfer and mobile money partners listed on our website are associated with the PRI scheme and offer fee-free transactions above USD $100 (or equivalent in sender currency).

For cash pick up, fee-free transactions above USD $100 (or equivalent in sender currency) are only applicable when sending to Allied Bank Limited, Bank Al Habib and Bank of Punjab.

Please see below table for list of services that offer the PRI scheme:

  • Cash Pickup 
    • Allied Bank Limited
    • The Bank of Punjab
    • Bank Al Habib
    • National Bank of Pakistan
  • Bank Deposit
    • All Pakistani bank listed with WorldRemit
  • Mobile Money
    • JazzCash

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