Online money transfer services are becoming the number one choice for sending money abroad. At WorldRemit, we don’t just assist you with sending money to your loved ones; we also help you to send money to yourself.

You can transfer funds to yourself across borders - whether it’s to manage your local bank accounts or to pay for your expenses while you’re travelling.

New to online remittances?

Setting up your account with WorldRemit is easy. Aside from sending money to friends and family abroad, many of our customers have sent money to themselves at least once.

Here’s how it works:

  • Register for free on our website or the WorldRemit app.
  • Select the country you want to send to and the service of your preference.
  • Choose how much you want to transfer. You’ll see our low fees and exchange rate upfront.
  • Add the details of your account.
  • Pay for your transfer using one of our payment options.

Let’s explore different ways you can use WorldRemit to manage your personal finances.

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1. Transfer money to your bank account

Unlike financial institutions such as banks and credit unions, money transfer companies operate as a peer-to-peer service. In this way, they offer customers better exchange rates, lower fees and faster processing times - often instant.

What is a peer-to-peer service, you may ask? WorldRemit has bank accounts all over the world operating with local currency. We use our own bank accounts or a secure network of our partners to get your money from one country to another. This means that we can avoid any additional fees that your bank may be charging you.

A bank transfer service (or a wire transfer) allows you to transfer money for essential costs such as property purchases, paying off your student loans or moving your savings abroad during relocation.

There is a limit to the amount you can send overseas with WorldRemit. This depends on where in the world you wish to send the money to and from.

Find out more about how to send a bank transfer abroad here.

2. Send yourself some cash

When you travel abroad, especially to remote areas, cash may be the only way to go. However, you may not want to travel with large sums of cash. Also, local ATMs and money exchange shops don’t always offer the best exchange rates or fees. That’s where we can help.

Our cash pickup service allows you to collect money as physical cash from a network of our cash pick up locations. Cash pick up transfer is one of the most popular services we offer and is very widely used in countries across Central or South America, Africa and South-East Asia.

We continuously add new partners and cash pick up locations all over the world, making it easier to access cash, wherever you need to send money to. Collecting your cash from pick up locations is quick and easy too, as the only thing you need to take with you is your passport and the collection code.

Find out whether a cash pick up transfer is available in your destination country by clicking here.

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3. Use your mobile money wallet

Mobile Money is a popular alternative to bank accounts. It allows users to store, send, and receive money using their mobile phone.

In some countries, you can get a mobile money account at the same time as buying a SIM card.

Once the transfer arrives, you can either collect your cash from a local agent or send money directly from your phone to someone else. In some places, you can also pay for goods and services in the physical store.

The best thing about mobile money is that you don’t need a smartphone - a basic handset will do. It’s as easy as sending and receiving a text message.

However, some countries will only allow their residents to set up mobile money accounts, so it’s worth checking in advance about where you will be sending money to.

4. Manage your expenses abroad

WorldRemit can help you manage and pay your expenses, too. If a local guide, driver or perhaps hotel requires payment up front and they don’t accept debit or credit cards, you can use WorldRemit to send money directly to their bank account.

5. Top up your phone

If you are going to be using a local mobile network while visiting or are looking at what mobile phone and package to buy after relocating, airtime top up allows you to recharge your pre-paid mobile phone call plan. As an instant transfer, it offers an easy way to top up your phone, so you can call, send messages or use data online.

A local phone number is the only information you need to complete the top up. Best of all, most network providers allow you to purchase a data package with your airtime.

You can top up your phone even before your arrival, using the WorldRemit app.

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6. Save money on exchange rates at airports or local shops

Most travellers who rely on exchanging money at airports, train stations and other transport hubs may be settling for low exchange rates.

Due to a lack of competition, currency exchange bureaus at busy locations don’t offer the best deals to potential shoppers. There’s a better way to exchange money.

By signing up for a WorldRemit account, you can convert your money before or after you arrive at your destination. You can transfer money to your foreign bank account if you have one, or you can send yourself a cash pick-up transfer.

Exchange rates never stand still. In today’s busy world, we figured it’s best if we notify you of the best exchange rates ourselves. This way, you can easily follow the currency market and make a transaction with an exchange rate that gives you the best value for your money.

Click here to find out how to switch on push notifications with our WorldRemit app.

To help you get started with WorldRemit, we’ve got a great deal for you - your first transaction will be completely fee-free.

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