01 August 2020

Hamisi Mohamed in Arsenal Football Academy

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire; it has the power to unite people in a way that little else does." - Nelson Mandela

Football truly is the beautiful game. Its players delight fans with their skill, flair, talent and sheer charisma. And it brings communities together in a shared love and appreciation.

At a grassroots level, football offers young people the chance to socialise, play and develop lifelong skills - teamwork, self-discipline and a sense of fair play.

For some, it’s a way out of poverty to a far better life. From Maradona to Gilberto Silva, some of the most glittering names in football’s hall of fame have come from the most humble beginnings.

We at WorldRemit are big football fans, and we love the sport’s positive influence on our customers, their family, friends and communities. Last year, together with Arsenal F.C., we created the FutureStars competition.


Celebrating men and women who change lives

Great coaches create brighter futures and help others fulfil their potential.They’re the unsung heroes we wanted to celebrate with the Future Stars competition. 

The prize? The chance to attend an exclusive Premier League Club training programme with Arsenal Soccer Schools in London.

Over 700 coaches from across Africa entered the competition. But it was Hamisi from Kenya and his life-changing community work that won the crown. 


Hamisi and the Young Talents Academy

Hamisi and friends set up the Young Talents Academy over ten years ago in the wake of post-election violence in Kenya.

Its mission was to use football to unite young people from different faiths, tribes and those with conflicting views.

“We use the power of football to address social issues, to teach [young people] life skills. We want them to learn to respect themselves, to know the effects of drug abuse, the effects of violence and crime.”

By winning Future Stars, Hamisi really benefited his Academy. He learned invaluable skills on his training sessions with Arsenal Soccer Schools to pass into his young players. 

We also gave him access to influencers who connect the Kenyan community around the world. Plus, he was introduced to mentors who he could consult on the financial and operational side of scaling his operations.

Hamisi may have been the winner, but his whole community won the prize. 

What a Future Star!