Michele Teboul, Copywriter   13 January 2020

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Since 2009 WorldRemit’s customers have been able to send money quickly, securely and cost-effectively from the developed world to emerging markets. Our online service has just gone from strength to strength in that respect. But we didn’t want to stop there.

We wanted to expand our services by helping customers transfer money from emerging market to an emerging market. And we started by offering our service in South Africa last year.

In the coming months, we’ll be offering a service in Rwanda and then expand into other sub- Saharan countries.

It’s all part of our future plan to offer far better all-round financial services in emerging markets: markets that are badly served at present. We have some exciting and innovative developments planned, so watch this space.

In the meantime, let’s focus on our excellent service from South Africa to Zimbabwe.


How to send money to Zimbabwe from South Africa

We make money transfer fast, simple and secure. And whichever method you choose to send your money online with us, it only takes a few simple steps.

1. Create your account

You can register for free on our website or download our app:  

2. Give us your transfer details

Choose Zimbabwe as your destination country, then choose how you would like to send your money;

  • Cash pickup

We offer an unrivalled cash pickup service in Zimbabwe as we can guarantee cash pay-outs in USD every time. And we offer our instant cash pickup service at over 250 locations across the country - more than any other remittance provider.

We’re committed to growing our cash collection network by strengthening our partnerships with key banks and cash collection providers. These include Steward Bank, CBZ, Kaah Express, Quest Financial Services, and ZB Bank.

  • Bank transfer

You can send a bank transfer to your family and friends accounts held at Steward Bank in Zimbabwe. It takes just a few minutes and the funds will be available on the same day.

  • Mobile money

You can send money to Zimbabwe EcoCash accounts, and your recipient will receive money in their USD EcoCash wallet within minutes.

3. Choose how much you want to transfer

Tap in the amount you’d like your recipient to receive and we’ll show you our low fees and exchange rate upfront.

4. Add your recipient's details

If you’re sending money to someone for the first time, we’ll need to have their details including full name, address, telephone number, bank details (if you’re sending a bank transfer) or EcoCash account number (if you’re sending mobile money).

If you’ve sent to them before, their details will be held in the system on a list.

5. Pay for your transfer

You can pay in a choice of ways:

  • Debit, credit or prepaid cards
  • Bank Account Transfer
If you want to get started sending money abroad, we’re here to make your WorldRemit registration as simple as possible. We’ve put together a quick how-to guide to the WorldRemit sign up process, so that you can send money abroad to loved ones quickly, easily and safely.

Some ‘most asked’ questions about sending money from South Africa to Zimbabwe

What documents do I need to show to send money?

Before you can send money with WorldRemit, we must verify your identity for regulatory reasons. And so we’ll ask you to supply one of the following.

  • South African resident (BOP category 401) = South African ID document only

  • Temporary South African resident (BOP category 416) – Foreign Passport or Asylum/Refugee document

  • Foreign national contract worker (BOP category 417) – Foreign Passport Your document needs to show your FULL name and FULL date of birth to be accepted. 

If we ask you to verify your address, we’ll ask to see a bank statement or utility bill – telephone, electricity/gas or water. They mustn’t be older than 6 months, and the address on it must match that on your WorldRemit account.

How much money can I transfer out of South Africa?

The maximum amount you can send to Zimbabwe from South Africa is:

  • 4,999 Rand per transaction
  • 24,999 Rand per month

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How long does it take to send money?

It takes just minutes to register with WorldRemit then send money to your loved ones in Zimbabwe, by whatever method you choose.

How long does it take for money to be received in Zimbabwe?

This will depend on what service you choose to send the money.

  • Cash pickup – money received within minutes
  • Bank transfer – money received on the same day
  • Mobile money – money received within minutes

What currency will recipients receive money in Zimbabwe

Money is guaranteed to be received in USD in Zimbabwe, whatever method of sending is used.

What fees will be charged?

The fees you pay will depend on how much money you’re sending. And the exchange rate varies constantly depending on market forces.

However, when you tap in the amount you want to send, the fees and exchange rate will be shown upfront. Nothing is hidden.

Who or what determines the exchange rate?

Exchange rates are determined by FOREX (foreign exchange market or FX) – a global market for currency trading used by individuals, businesses, and banks. When you make a transaction that requires a currency conversion, FOREX determines how much value you get for your money.

The FX market is live and active day and night. This means that exchange rates don’t change once a day, or even once an hour, they’re constantly changing as events develop and unfold around the world.

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Is it possible to track a transaction?

Yes. With WorldRemit you don’t need to worry about where your money is. By using the tracking feature on our website and our app you can follow your money on its journey. Just go to your transactions history and open your transaction to see where your money is.

 How secure is WorldRemit?

Our industry-leading technology protects your money and ensures it arrives safely every time. We’re licensed by government regulators around the world, so you can be sure we meet the highest possible standards.

Your first 3 transfers will be fee-free

There’s really never been a better time to send money to Zimbabwe online with WorldRemit. Send with us now and your first three transfers will be absolutely fee-free. Simply use the promo code 3FREE when you come to pay.

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