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WorldRemit launches the inaugural list of influential Filipinos in the diaspora

WorldRemit Press Office

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London, June 12, 2020: WorldRemit, the leading international money transfer service, has launched the inaugural List of Influential Filipinos in the Diaspora,in celebration of Philippine Independence Day. The Philippines will celebrate 122 years of independence on 12 June. This year’s celebrations will not include the customary street parades to commemorate the national flag, due to the country emerging from a strict lockdown in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

The inaugural List of Influential Filipinos in the Diaspora was compiled in recognition of the successes and contributions made by Filipino migrants around the world, to their communities back home and in their chosen fields. The list of honorees spans the globe, and includes individuals who have made significant contributions in fields as diverse as philanthropy, hospitality and academia.

"The Philippines is one of the most important remittance destinations in the world, and this is the direct result of the many hardworking Filipinos across the globe who support their loved ones back home. Particularly given the challenges facing our global community, we believe it is important to highlight the positive contributions of these individuals in the diaspora, in celebration of Independence Day,” said Scott Eddington, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific at WorldRemit.

Estimates suggest that there are over 10 million Filipinos in the diaspora. Members of the Filipino diaspora are often referred to in the Philippines as bagong bayani, which translates as “the new heroes” with good reason. The World Bank recently revealed that remittances sent by Overseas Filipino Workers exceeded $35 billion last year. These incredible men and women have gained a worldwide reputation for their famous bayanihan spirit.

Honoree & Award-winning Restaurateur Rowena Romulo said, “I had a clear vision, which was to keep the legacy of my grandfather Carlos P Romulo (Former President of the UN General Assembly) alive outside the Philippines, with a business that would reflect some of the things he stood for and which had meaning for him and my family. Mainly, the high quality and standards of the Filipino people, the binding power of good food, and the excellence of fine Philippine cuisine.”

Here is the 2020 WorldRemit List of Influential Filipinos in the Diaspora:

  • Rowena Romulo – BritainAward-winning Restaurateur
  • Victoria Navarro – USA Director of the Philippine Humanitarian Coalition and 17th President of the Philippine Nurses Association of America
  • Dr. Imelda Deinla – Australia Academic and Advocate
  • Teresa Torralba – Canada Executive Director of Philippine Legacy and Cultural Alliance
  • Ramon Torralba – Canada Co-Founder of Filipinos Making Waves
  • Gelaine Santiago – Canada Social Entrepreneur
  • Brendan Flores – USA Philanthropist & Advocate
  • Loizza Aquino – Canada Mental Health Advocate
  • Emcille Wills – Australia Advocate for Migrant women
  • Lolita Boddy – Britain Philanthropist
  • Anya David – USA Entrepreneur & Mentor

The selection criteria for the list includes the following:

  • The honouree must have a proven track record of making significant contributions in their chosen field
  • The honouree has made a significant social impact within the Filipino diaspora or their community back home
  • The honouree has broken barriers by positively challenging the status quo and/or creating opportunities for others

To learn more about the honorees, please click here.

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