Here at WorldRemit, we are a community of international migrants. Throughout our global offices, we speak many languages and call many different countries home. The migrant experience is our every day, just like it is for you, our customers. We too have mixed heritages, dual citizenships, and fusion accents.

We fly two flags, just like you.

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What is I Fly Two Flags?

With I Fly Two Flags, we’re sharing stories from our community of both staff and customers, opening up conversations about identity, and interacting directly with you, our customers.

Whether you were born in the UK and send money to your grandparents in Kenya, or if you live in the US and send money back to friends in the Philippines, we use WorldRemit for the same reasons you do.

You’ll see videos and blogs from some of our staff, friends, and customers popping up on social media, and we’d love for you to get involved. Join in using the hashtag #IFlyTwoFlags on socials, and we’ll share your stories, too. We want to know where you’re from, where your family are, and where you are now. Where in Toronto is the best place to find Jollof rice? What’s the most Filipino-friendly area of London to move to? The more we can understand about each other, the better we’re able to provide the services you need.

Our identities and backgrounds shape us, and we carry them with us wherever in the world we are. I Fly Two Flags is a celebration of our heritages, and of the journeys we have been on around the world.

With WorldRemit, you can send money to your friends and family in minutes, from wherever you are, using our website or mobile app. Sign up takes just a few seconds, and then you’re on your way to international money transfers, with low fees and exchange rates shown upfront.

At WorldRemit, culture is our currency and I Fly Two Flags celebrates that with every cross-cultural story.

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Representing more than one country

In our community of staff and customers, we fly all kinds of flags from a huge range of countries across the globe.

With so many different backgrounds to be proud of and countries that have shaped our identities, there are so many fascinating stories to share. Explore just a few from our customers here:

Representing more than one country

Tukiya flies four flags

As part of our I Fly Two Flags series, Tukiya spoke to us about Zambia, biltong, and healthcare. Tukiya flys four flags. How many do you fly?

Tukiya flys four flags

The Colombians flying two flags

As part of the I Fly Two Flags series, we have taken a more in-depth look at some of the many countries that these inspiring people originally hail from.

Many enterprising men and women have left the shores of Colombia to make a new life elsewhere - they proudly fly the Colombian flag alongside that of their new home. Explore their stories here:

Columbians flying two flags

Juanita flies two flags

In the second instalment of our interview series, Juanita Cardenas spoke to us about Mexico, real estate, and the Hispanic community where she lives.

Juanita flies two flags. How many do you fly?


Where is the Nigerian Diaspora? The Nigerians flying two flags

Young Nigerians are the largest immigrant population from Africa into developed countries, with thousands of Nigerians migrating every year.

We explore the Nigerian Diaspora and highlight some of the stories of our customers who fly the Nigerian flag alongside another.

Nigerian Diaspora

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