The WorldRemit Wallet offers you a new way to securely send, receive and store money with WorldRemit.

What is the WorldRemit Wallet?

The WorldRemit Wallet is an account that allows users to store money securely with WorldRemit and withdraw it whenever they want via our local pay-out network (e.g. as cash pickup, mobile money or transfers to a local bank account).

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Where is the WorldRemit Wallet available?

The WorldRemit Wallet is currently only available to customers living in Somaliland using Android phones. It will be expanding to other countries and devices soon.

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Is my money safe in the WorldRemit Wallet?

Yes! All of our customers’ funds (including yours) are stored under segregated accounts at our banks. As a fully regulated company, your funds are safeguarded as per the Financial Conduct Authority’s requirements, the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 and the Payment Services Regulations 2017.

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Why hasn’t my recipient received the money I sent to their WorldRemit Wallet?

If you have sent money to a WorldRemit Wallet, (1) ensure that you are sending to the correct number registered to the wallet, (2) confirm your recipient is fully registered to the WorldRemit Wallet. 

If your recipient does has not have a WorldRemit Wallet they will need to register for one to access the funds. We will automatically send them an SMS asking them to download the WorldRemit Android App from Google Play Store.  Once downloaded, they will need to follow the steps listed under “How do I sign up for a WorldRemit Wallet?” below.

If your recipient doesn't have an Android phone, or is unable to sign up to the service, please contact customer service with your transaction number.

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How do I use the WorldRemit wallet?

You'll find full information on registering for and using the Wallet on our using the WorldRemit Wallet FAQ page.

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