FAQs about the WorldRemit Wallet available in Somaliland

Here we answer a few common questions that relate to the WorldRemit Wallet in Somaliland.

What currencies are available in Somaliland with the WorldRemit Wallet?

At the moment you can send, store and receive money in US Dollar and British Pound. Each currency is available by opening a Currency Account within your WorldRemit Wallet. 

We’re continually looking at better ways to serve customers so if you’d like to see more available currencies you can head to the Contact Us page and register your interest there.

How much money can I store in my WorldRemit Wallet?

For users in Somaliland you can hold up to $10.000 in your WorldRemit Wallet. This can be in any combination of one, or more, currency accounts you may hold within your WorldRemit Wallet.

What ID types are accepted if I (or my recipient) lives in Somaliland and wants to get the WorldRemit Wallet?

We need a copy of a photo ID as part of the registration steps to get a WorldRemit Wallet. We accept any valid passport issued by any country, as well as Somaliland photo driving licenses and Government issued photo IDs.

Make sure when you’re uploading an image of the photo ID it’s a clear and accurate image, otherwise we may need you to provide another image.

What payout options are available if I want to send money to someone else or withdraw money to myself in Somaliland?

If you have money in your WorldRemit Wallet in Somaliland you can payout through all of the payout options/brands as listed on our Somaliland page. Just head to our homepage and select Somaliland. Don’t forget, if the WorldRemit Wallet is available in your country, the Wallet will always be a way to pay someone who also lives there.

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