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Refer a Friend

How do I get started with Refer a Friend?

Inviting a friend to use WorldRemit is easy.

  1. Eligible customers are emailed a unique referral code, this can also be found in the ‘My Account’ section of our website
  2. This code can be shared with family and friends who you think will benefit from sending money with WorldRemit
  3. Your family or friends should enter this code when they sign up for an account, so we know you referred them

If you haven’t received a referral code by email and don’t see your referral code in ‘My Account’ you currently aren’t eligible to refer friends through the promotion.

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What reward will my friend and I receive from this promotion?

Once your friend has signed up and sent at least the Minimum Send Amount, you’ll each be sent an electronic voucher to be redeemed against a future transfer.

Click here to see the Minimum Send Amounts and electronic voucher values by country.

Participation in this promotion is subject at all times to the conditions and explanations below and the full Terms & Conditions.

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How should I share my unique referral code?

You can share your code in person, via social media, messaging services, email or any other way you choose to communicate.

Make sure you only share your code with people you have an existing relationship with, such as family and friends, and make sure you don’t share the code with people you don't know (e.g. on forums or in public areas of social media platforms). If you publicly share the code we may cancel your referral code.

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Can I refer a friend from anywhere in the world?

Yes - as long as they send money from a Participating Send Country.

If your friend is in a different country to you, their Minimum Send Amount and electronic voucher will be in their local currency and may differ from the amounts that apply in your country.

You can find a list of all Participating Send Countries, their corresponding Minimum Send Amounts and electronic voucher amounts here.

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How many people can I refer to WorldRemit with this promotion?

As many as you like, provided they are genuine personal connections of yours and aren’t already WorldRemit customers. Each friend you recommend will only be able to use one referral code when they sign up.

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I want to refer my friends and can't find my referral code, can you send me my code?

To see your unique code, please log in to your account on the WorldRemit website, and go to the “Refer a Friend” page in the "My account" section. Referral codes are not currently displayed on the WorldRemit app.

The Refer a Friend promotion is available only to selected WorldRemit customers. Not all customers will be able to see this page or be emailed a referral code. If you are not selected we will not currently be able to provide you with a referral code, though you may become eligible in the future.

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What must my friend do for us to qualify for electronic voucher rewards?

  1. They must sign-up with WorldRemit, using the unique referral code - the code won’t work at any point after sign-up.
  2. They must send at least the applicable Minimum Send Amount with WorldRemit over any number of money transfers within 12 months of signing up.

Please note: Airtime top-up isn’t a money transfer service and transfers using this service don’t qualify towards meeting the Minimum Send Amount.

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Does it matter where my friend sends money to, or which WorldRemit service they use?

Your friend can send money to any country, using at one or more of our money transfer services (Bank Deposit, Cash Pickup, Mobile Money Transfer or Door to Door Delivery).

Airtime top-up is not a money transfer service and does not contribute to meeting the Minimum Send Amount.

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How and when will we get our electronic voucher rewards? Are there alternatives?

Once your friend has sent at least the Minimum Send Amount, within 6 months of signing up, you will each be emailed an electronic voucher reward by WorldRemit.

The vouchers will be sent to the email addresses associated with you and your friends’ WorldRemit accounts, within 10 working days of the promotional criteria being met. The vouchers must be redeemed within 6 months of being issued; the expiry date is included within the email containing the voucher. There are no alternatives to electronic vouchers.

Please note: we determine your electronic voucher amount on the day we send this to you. This could be different from the amount advertised previously. WorldRemit reserves the right to change this amount prior to sending you your electronic voucher at any time.

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How should we use the electronic vouchers?

1. Find the voucher code in the email sent to you confirming your reward

2. On your next transaction:

o   Website - enter this code in the promo box on the recipient or payment page

o   Mobile app - enter this code on the calculator screen when you choose your amount

3. The full voucher amount will be deducted from the total amount you pay.

The voucher can be used once, and must be redeemed within 6 months of issue. The expiry date is specified in the email sent to you with the electronic voucher.

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What should I do if I don’t receive my electronic voucher?

Please check all the promotion’s criteria have been met. For example, has your friend sent the Minimum Send Amount or more? Have you followed the Promotion Terms and Conditions?

If all the criteria have been met and there’s still a problem, please contact us with the email address associated with your WorldRemit account and customer number (if you know it). We’ll then look into the issue.

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Is there a deadline for ‘Refer a Friend’?

There’s no fixed deadline for recommending a friend, but:

  • Your friend must send at least the Minimum Send Amount in money transfers within 6 months of signing up for both of you to be eligible for a voucher
  • An electronic voucher must be redeemed within 6 months of being issued, and by the date specified in the email containing the voucher
  • We reserve the right to alter or suspend the promotion at any time

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Should we use the WorldRemit website or mobile app for Refer a Friend?

Either (or a combination) is absolutely fine.

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What are the minimum send and electronic voucher amounts in our Participating Send Countries?

In order to qualify for electronic vouchers, the person you refer must send at least the relevant Minimum Send Amount from a Participating Send Country. These countries and amounts are detailed below in local currencies.

The Minimum Send Amount may be met by one, or the total of more than one transfer. For example, if the Minimum Send Amount applicable to the new customer’s Participating Send Country is EUR 125, any of the following (example) patterns would be acceptable because they either meet or exceed the Minimum Send Amount:

1 money transfer of EUR 125

2 money transfers of EUR 65

2 money transfers of EUR 60 and 1 money transfer of 20 EUR

Last updated 5th August 2019

Participating Send Country

Minimum Send Amount

Electronic voucher amount


AUD 100

AUD 35


EUR 125

EUR 25


EUR 200

EUR 25


BGN 150

BGN 30


CAD 150

CAD 30


EUR 125

EUR 25

Czech Republic

CZK 2500

CZK 500


DKK 1500

DKK 150


EUR 125

EUR 25


EUR 125

EUR 25


EUR 125

EUR 25


EUR 125

EUR 25


GIP 60

GIP 20


EUR 125

EUR 25

Hong Kong

HKD 1500

HKD 125


HUF 25000

HUF 5000


ISK 15000

ISK 3000


EUR 125

EUR 25


EUR 200

EUR 15


JPY 25000

JPY 2000


EUR 125

EUR 25


EUR 200

EUR 25


EUR 125

EUR 25


EUR 125

EUR 25


EUR 200

EUR 25

New Zealand

NZD 175

NZD 35


NOK 2000

NOK 200


PLN 750

PLN 100


EUR 125

EUR 25


RON 400

RON 75


SGD 300

SGD 25


EUR 125

EUR 25


EUR 125

EUR 25


ZAR 1500

ZAR 250


EUR 125

EUR 25


SEK 2000

SEK 200


CHF 125

CHF 25

United Arab Emirates

AED 300

AED 60

United Kingdom

GBP 100

GBP 20

United States

USD 100

USD 20


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What are the FAQ Terms & Conditions

Full Terms & Conditions can be found here

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