FAQs about receiving money to the WorldRemit Wallet

The WorldRemit Wallet offers you a new way to securely send, receive or store money with WorldRemit. Here we answer a few questions you may have about receiving money with the WorldRemit Wallet. If you’re interested in questions about sending, storing or withdrawing money with the WorldRemit Wallet you can jump to those FAQs sections through their links, or head to our general Wallet FAQ page here.

What are the benefits of receiving money to my WorldRemit Wallet?

The WorldRemit Wallet offers a number of great benefits for those who want to receive money to their WorldRemit Wallet. They include:

  • Having a safe, secure and convenient account to receive money to, available as a smartphone app
  • A multi-currency Wallet, where you can choose what currency you would like to receive money in. It could be just one or several currencies.
  • It costs nothing to receive or store money with WorldRemit
  • Being able to choose when and how best to go on to use your funds. Either send on to someone else or make use of our payout network, meaning funds can be withdrawn to yourself to a bank account, to a mobile money account or collected as a cash pickup, depending on the particular country’s payout network.

Someone sent money to my WorldRemit Wallet, how do I access it?

If you’ve already activated your Wallet, you don’t need to do anything else! As soon as we’ve processed the money sent to you, we’ll add it to your Wallet in the correct currency. It’s as simple as that, and it’s also free of charge!

If you haven’t yet registered for a Wallet but have received an SMS from us saying money is waiting for you all you need to do is head to Google Play or the App Store and download the WorldRemit app. From there, just follow a few simple steps in the app to sign up. As soon as you’re successfully registered, you’ll be able to access the money in your Wallet.

Important reminder: when you received money to your WorldRemit Wallet, we would have sent you an SMS to let you know. Make sure you sign up to the Wallet with the same mobile number that we sent this SMS to, so that you can access your money right away.

How do I receive money to my WorldRemit Wallet?

To receive payments to your WorldRemit Wallet first make sure you have one by completing the registration steps described in our How to Register for the WorldRemit Wallet section on this page.

Then, tell your sender:

  1. On the WorldRemit website or app select the country they want to send to (your country)
  2. Select WorldRemit Wallet as the way they want to send
  3. Select the currency account type they want to pay to (ie USD, Peso, XAF, etc)
  4. Enter the amount they want to send – our low fees and exchange rate will be clearly shown
  5. On the next screen, complete the recipient details including your mobile number – this is your WorldRemit Wallet number
  6. Then they’ll need to pay for their transfer. We’ll send them a confirmation email and both your send and you updates by SMS from us. You should receive your funds in near-real time.

How long does it take to receive money to my WorldRemit Wallet?

Receiving money to the WorldRemit Wallet is near-instant, so you should have your money in a matter of seconds. Just make sure you’re fully registered to activate your Wallet by completing the registration steps.

Do I need to register for the WorldRemit Wallet before money can be sent to me?

No. For your convenience your sender is able to send money to you by nominating your mobile telephone number. We’ll send you an SMS to that number to let you know. Make sure you sign up to the Wallet with the same mobile number that we sent this SMS to, so that you can access your money right away.

From where can money be sent to my WorldRemit Wallet?

Money can be sent to a WorldRemit Wallet using WorldRemit’s service which is available in over 50 countries. You can see our list of countries by reading here.

Does it cost anything to receive money to my WorldRemit Wallet?

It doesn’t cost any money to receive money in to your WorldRemit Wallet. It’s completely free.

Which Currency Account will money be paid in my WorldRemit Wallet?

When your sender is choosing to send to your WorldRemit Wallet we’ll ask which currency account they’d like to pay to. They’ll probably know which currency is most useful to you. It’ll be the nominated currency account (eg US Dollar) that sits within your WorldRemit Wallet which is paid.