Transfer paid

My recipient hasn’t received their money

Please check these top reasons why your recipient may not have received their money.

  1. Transfer time You will have received an email from WorldRemit Support stating “your transfer is on its way”. Within the email it says how long it will take for your transfer to be paid, and ensure the time has elapsed.
  2. Recipient details One of the biggest reasons for delayed transfers is incorrect details about the recipient, meaning the funds cannot simply arrive.Make sure you check all details are correct, double-checking with the recipient too.
  3. We need something from you We may require documents, such as the sender’s or recipient’s identification document, or further information about your transfer from you. In this case, you will have received an email from us, or you can check your transfer status to see if we are awaiting an action from you. Where your transfer has been paid but your recipient still has not received the funds, it helps to have a copy of their bank statement or statement from their mobile money account, which you can share with our customer service team. The statement must cover from the expected credit date until the present date.
  4. Cash pick-up When collecting their cash, please check that your recipient:
  • Visits the correct payout location. This will be the local partner you chose when you created the transfer, and displayed in the confirmation email we sent to you.
  • Uses the correct Pick-up Reference Number, which may be different from your WorldRemit transfer number. We send this directly to the recipient.