Request money via the WorldRemit Wallet

This feature allows you send a message to your friend or family member to ask them to send you money.

Who can I request money from?

You can request money from anyone with a WorldRemit account. They can send money to your WorldRemit Wallet from the App or our website.

How do I request money through the Wallet?

In your App, when you view the Wallet section you'll be able to send a message to your sender asking them for the amount you would like to receive.

You can send the message through any messaging apps on your phone. Your sender will receive your message, and from it jump straight into our service to send you the money you've requested.

How can I use the money I've requested?

You can choose how to withdraw the money once it arrives in your WorldRemit Wallet. Through our existing payout network funds can be sent or withdrawn via a bank account, mobile money account or collected as a cash pickup - depending on your requirements and the particular country’s payout network you will have full control of your money.

What details of mine do you need?

As part of our normal service and to make sure we can track where your money is, WorldRemit will populate the senders transfer via our secure Mobile App with your name and telephone number, so please make sure your account details are up to date.