Send money using Debit, Credit or Pre-paid Cards

See below for answers to your questions about sending money using Debit or Credit cards:

Can I pay by card in my send country?

To check if we can accept card payment in your country of residence, please click your region from the below list. Follow this step if you want more information, including the maximum amounts you can send from your home country.

What card types are accepted?

WorldRemit can accept most types of debit, credit and pre-paid cards that are issued by Visa or Mastercard.

At this time WorldRemit cannot accept cards from the following issuers;

  • Amex
  • Diner’s Card
  • Union Pay

Why was my card declined?

If your card declines, the best thing to do is to contact your card issuer’s payments or authorisation department who will be able to give you more information.

WorldRemit will not be able to see the reasons for a declined card payment.

Are there any extra fees for paying by card?

When paying by debit card there are usually no extra fees other than those stated at the time you make payment, however there are some exceptions.

If you use a card issued in a country other than that which you are registered (for example, using a US card when your account is based in the UK), your card issuer may charge a foreign exchange fee. The fee, if any, will depend upon your individual card terms and conditions and is not charged by WorldRemit.

Some credit card issuers may charge a fee as the transaction is classed as a cash transfer. The fee, if any, will depend upon your individual card terms and conditions and is not charged by WorldRemit.

Can I pay using someone else’s card?

We need the money you send to come from your own card.

As a financially regulated company we need to ensure we know the identity of our customers – and this includes the source of the funds they pay with.

How long does a card refund take?

Once cancellation has been confirmed, a refund will be credited within 7 working days.

This can vary, however, if you are using a pre-paid card. For more detailed information on this, please contact your card issuer or check their terms and conditions.

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