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How to transfer money to Standard Chartered, Pakistan

Standard Chartered, Pakistan

Standard Chartered is Pakistan’s oldest and largest foreign-owned bank with more than 94 branches across the country.

  • Receive fee-free transfers above USD210 (or the equivalent in your local currency)
  • The funds will usually be credited within two working days

Make a Standard Chartered international money transfer

With WorldRemit, you can make a bank transfer to personal checking/current and savings accounts with Standard Chartered from more than 50 countries globally. All you need are a few details from your recipient, such as their full name, address and bank account details, to complete the transfer online.

Our process is quick, simple and secure. Just sign up for your free WorldRemit account to make a bank transfer 24/7 using any device. We offer guaranteed exchange rates and super-low fees. Plus, with the Pakistan Remittance Initiative (PRI), all transfers above 210 US Dollars or the equivalent in your local currency are completely fee-free!

How to transfer money to Standard Chartered in Pakistan

Sending a bank transfer to Standard Chartered in Pakistan with WorldRemit is easy. All you need to do is:

  • Select the ‘Bank Transfer’ service in the box at the top of our ‘’ page and click ‘Continue’
  • Enter the transfer amount and you’ll see our low fee and guaranteed exchange rate upfront
  • Sign in or create an account if you don’t already have one
  • Add the details of a new recipient or select someone you’ve sent to before
  • Pay for the transfer online

You and your recipient will receive SMS and email notifications when the funds are credited (which usually takes two working days).

What information will you need from your recipient?

You will need some details about your recipient to be able to complete the transfer. These includes their full name (as it appears on their bank statement to prevent delays), address, mobile phone number and the reason for sending.

You must also enter your recipient’s bank account details, including their bank name, their International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and their Bank Identifier Code (BIC). Your recipient will be able to find those by logging into their online banking or by looking at their paper bank statements.  

What’s the fastest way to send money to Pakistan?

Making a transfer to bank accounts with Standard Chartered might be a convenient way to send money to loved ones in Pakistan, but it’s not the fastest. Both our cash pickup and mobile money services are faster, with the funds available to your recipient within minutes of the transfer being made.

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