Home delivery

A home delivery is a payment made by WorldRemit that delivers physical cash to your recipient’s home address.

What is a home delivery?

Home delivery delivery is a service where physical cash is delivered to your recipient's home address.

Your recipient must present valid ID that matches the details of the transaction to receive the cash. It is therefore important that you enter the recipient’s details accurately. If this is not the case, the delivery driver will refuse to hand over the funds.

When will funds be delivered?

Delivery times depend on the receive country of your recipient.

What does my recipient need to collect receive the cash?

Your recipient will need the following to complete a home delivery transaction:

  • Valid ID. The details on this must match those entered on the transaction. Home delivery transactions cannot be given to anyone other than the named beneficiary on the transaction.
  • The WorldRemit transaction reference number. This will have been sent via SMS to your recipient once the transaction has been authorised. It is therefore important that you have the correct mobile phone number for your recipient before you send.

Will my recipient be charged when receiving cash?

Your recipient will not be charged to receive cash via a home delivery.

Which countries can I send money to as a home delivery?

At the moment WorldRemit offers home delivery to Vietnam.