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We build hi-tech services that allow our customers to send and receive money easily, even if they don't have access to a bank account or internet connection

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Making a Difference
Why do we care about money transfers so much?

While studying in London, Ismail Ahmed needed to send money home to his family in Africa. Every transaction meant a long journey to an agent who charged a small fortune in fees. Right then, he decided to try to make a difference in an industry that supports millions of people exactly like him.

Ismail’s vision – to help people just like him improve the lives of those they care about – is at the heart of everything we stand for today.

We believe in helping our customers’ hard work go further. We’ve helped millions of children to go to school, helped thousands of people to receive medical treatment and, every week, we help tens of thousands of people to pay their bills.

We bring online money transfer into the modern world – and most importantly, we do it all with the creativity, imagination and colourful spirit of our customers!

A profile photo from the chest up of WorldRemit's founder - Ismail Ahmed.

"It seemed wrong to me that an industry handling billions of dollars every year should deliver such poor service... Our goal is to get money to the recipient, however they want it, whenever they need it."

– Ismail Ahmed, Founder

How are we doing so far?

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375 million
Funding raised ($)

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4 million
Customers globally

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Countries covered

WorldRemit's investors

Funded by investors behind the world’s biggest companies

Where we're located

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London, United Kingdom

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Cebu, Philippines

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Denver, USA

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Kraków, Poland

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Why WorldRemit?

We're diverse

With over 50 different nationalities, there’s always something fun to learn!

Generous benefits

Benefit plans including insurance, healthcare, and family policies

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Feast on our all-day free breakfast and fresh fruit

Dress code

There isn’t one! Wear what makes you (and others) feel comfortable

It’s not all about work!

Let off steam with our social events, celebrations & office games area too!

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