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Digital money transfer service WorldRemit launches in Ohio

With WorldRemit app, Ohioans can send money overseas just like an instant message

Denver, CO, 21 June 2016: Digital money transfer service WorldRemit – the UK’s fastest-growing technology company – today launches in Ohio.

Ohio is home to 482,000 foreign-born residents, many of which support their families and friends overseas with remittances[1]. With the WorldRemit app, residents of Ohio can now send secure, instant money transfers to people across the world.

Available in 50+ countries and 44 U.S. states – as well as DC and Puerto Rico - WorldRemit is bringing the offline world of remittances onto mobile. 

When sending money overseas, most migrants still visit money transfer agent locations where they have to endure lengthy queues and high fees.  With WorldRemit, they can now send money transfers from their smartphones, 24/7.

WorldRemit customers already send more than 400,000 transfers every month. People can receive funds as Mobile Money, bank transfer, cash pick up or as mobile airtime top-up.

Ismail Ahmed, CEO and founder of WorldRemit, comments: “At WorldRemit, we want to give people the power to share money anytime, anywhere. Our app lets people send money instantly to their loved ones in more than 125 countries in the world - no more waiting in line at money transfer agents.”

The United States it the world’s biggest sender of remittances, with more than $56bn sent overseas by migrants living there, according to the World Bank[2].

[1] Migration Policy Institute

[2] World Bank Migration and Remittances Data

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