Save the Children Terms and conditions

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Terms and Conditions

WorldRemit will donate £2.50 to Save the Children for every 200 Qualifying Transactions carried out during the promotional period (from 00:00 on Wednesday 20th November 2019 until 23:59 on Tuesday 31st December 2019). All times stated are in Greenwich Mean Time. “Qualifying Transactions” means all send-money transactions (including but not limited to money transfers, cash pickups, and Mobile Money transactions) carried out during the Promotional Period. Transactions which are not Qualifying Transactions include (but are not limited to) airtime top-ups and fraudulent transactions. WorldRemit has complete discretion regarding any queries as to what constitutes a Qualifying Transaction.

You are liable for the payment of the money transfer fees in respect of your transaction, any personal tax consequences and compliance with relevant law. We cannot be held responsible under any circumstances for Save the Children’s deployment of any donations made in connection with this promotion. Our website and app terms and conditions, found via the link below, apply alongside these specific Terms and Conditions.

The Save the Children Fund is a charity registered in England and Wales (213890) and Scotland (SC039570).

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