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Envoyer une recharge mobile dans le réseau MTN Nigéria

Recharge mobile instantanée dans le réseau MTN Nigéria

Mobile airtime top-up is added to MTN phones instantly. Our MTN airtime service allows you to top-up a prepaid mobile phone wherever you are in the world to Nigeria. All you need is access to a smartphone, computer or tablet. By simply entering the number of the mobile phone you wish to top-up, and the country the owner of the phone is in, you can transfer airtime directly to their phone quickly, safely and securely.

  • Always zero fees on airtime top-up.

  • You will need the recipient's phone number.

The benefits of MTN top-up

Airtime top-up of mobile phones in Nigeria by our customers in the UK is one of our most popular services. That’s because there are so many families of Nigerian descent living and working in the UK but you can send Airtime top-up to Nigeria from the country you're in too.

Being able to top-up the airtime on an MTN phone in Nigeria helps to keep families and friends in touch and ensure people are never left without the airtime they need to make calls and send texts.

What is MTN?

MTN Group is a South African based mobile telecommunications network that operates in many African, European and Asian countries. Although not well-known in the UK, MTN has more than 240 million users and operates in 20 countries. In Nigeria, it has a 35 percent share of the market.

How to buy MTN airtime

Topping up the airtime of an MTN phone is cheap and easy with WorldRemit. Simply select the country the mobile phone user is in, enter their telephone number and choose the amount you wish to transfer to their phone. The top-up will happen almost immediately and you and the recipient will receive an SMS notification that the transfer has been made.

A fast and secure way to send money on the go

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